Sports Physiotherapy – Services & Treatment

Sports injuries including muscle tears, tendon and ligament problems, overuse injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, knee, ankle and foot pain, shoulder problems, tennis/golfer’s elbow, general condition Arthritis, low back and neck pain, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Post fracture stiffness.

Don’t let your pain, stiffness or injury stop you from doing the things you want. Come and talk to our highly trained health professionals who know the most advanced treatment regimens.

Physical therapists are experts in the art and science of evaluation and treatment of human movement dysfunctions. We care for people of all ages and treat a variety of muscles, ligaments, joints conditions and Sports injuries.

Our physical therapists have undergone specialized, intensive training and are certified to effectively perform unique treatment and exceptional hands-on techniques to ensure the best possible recovery.

You will benefit from the combined experience of our team, in one of the largest and most successful physiotherapy clinics in Koramangala. With close relationships with GPs, surgeons, diagnostic services, and other health professionals, you are never far away from expert help.

S.P.O.R.T (Sports Physio Ortho Rehab Therapy) Clinic’s Specialty Services:

  1. Sports Specialist
  2. Manual Therapist
  3. Shoulder specialist
  4. Back and neck specialist (McKenzie Therapist)
  5. Fitness program for elderly
  6. Custom Orthotics and Bracing

S.P.O.R.T Clinic offers a wide range of programs and specialized services to help our patients restore and maintain their physical strength, performance skills, and levels of function.

We assure you rehabilitation from various injuries as well as preventing them from reoccurring. In addition, we do provide sports specific training to athletes and help them become more competitive in their respective Sports.