Spine Surgeon in Jaipur

Spine surgeons are medical doctors who can offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments to treat an ailment. They can treat people from all age groups.

What are the most common spine surgeries conducted at Apollo Spectra Jaipur?

• Laminectomy

It is a surgery conducted to created space between the lamina, which is the back part of vertebrae. It is also known as decompression surgery. With the help of this surgery, the spinal canal is enlarged to provide relief from pressure that is put on the spinal cord and the nerves. The doctor recommends this surgery when; after trying all other treatment, such as medications therapy, etc., the condition doesn’t improve.
• Discectomy

When the herniated disc becomes damaged, this procedure is performed. It is also very helpful to treat back or neck pain. After this surgery, the excess pressure that is put on the herniated disc gets relieved. Your doctor recommends this surgery when; you have trouble with normal activities, such as standing or walking, which occurs due to nerve weakness, your doctor will try conservative treatments, such as physical therapy or steroid injections and it fails to improve even after 12 weeks, the pain reaches your buttocks, legs, arm or chest and becomes very difficult to manage.
• Spinal fusion

Spinal fusion surgery is conducted to join two or more vertebrae into a single unit. The aim of this surgery is to stop movement between the two bones and to decrease or prevent back pain. Spinal fusion is one of the best treatments for you if you have degenerative disk disease, fracture, scoliosis (the spine becomes curved), spondylolisthesis, tumors, and spinal infection. This surgery is conducted in two ways; anterior lumbar interbody fusion where the doctor proceeds with the surgery from the belly and posterior fusion where the surgery is conducted from the back.
• Lumbar disk replacement

It is a type of back or spine surgery. The discs present between the vertebrae act as shock absorbers and the lumbar discs are present at the bottom of the spine. During this surgery, the damaged disc is replaced. Mainly, this surgery is conducted to treat chronic back pain.
Disc Replacement
An artificial disc is a procedure conducted to replace a natural disc and perform the normal functions of the original disc. Usually, it is total disc replacement or disc nucleus replacement.

How to prepare for spine surgery?
  • Don’t stop the movement – Try to do light exercises with the consultation from your spine surgeon in Jaipur. With exercises, you can reduce the risks of a blood clot or circulation issues.
  • Educate yourself – Try to gather as much as information as you can. This will help you remain confident about your surgery and you will know what is going on.
  • Be careful about the drugs you take – First of all, you must be clear with all the drugs you are currently taking. Your spinal surgeon in Jaipur must be informed. You must also let him know about all the herbal or supplement drugs you are taking. If it is going to interfere with your surgery, your doctor may ask you to stop.
  • Don’t take over the counter painkiller or any other medications without consulting your doctor. This can interfere with your healing and your surgery.
  • Be practical with your expectations.
  • Make sure you have your house prepared and you have someone to stay with you for at least a couple of days.
  • Stop smoking – It can interfere with your healing and can also cause complications. If you are finding it difficult to quit, then you can talk to your doctor for help. They can provide you with ways to quit and also you can join support groups to help you with the same. After all, smoking is very harmful and can give birth to other disorders.
  • Eat healthily – If you acquire healthy eating habits, it can help you heal faster and can also keep you healthy. Always consume a well-balanced diet and if your doctor is prescribing any supplements, make sure you take it on time.
Why should you choose Apollo Spectra?

Your spine is an extremely important part of the body. It is your body’s support system. It is important to have a healthy spinal cord. Therefore, when you visit Apollo Spectra in Jaipur, our specialists will help solve the problem. They will detect, correct, and treat the problem, and if necessary, they will perform a surgery to help you stay healthy. Therefore, if you experience any spinal issues, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra today.