Spine Surgeon in Mumbai

At Apollo Spectra Mumbai, you will come across the finest spinal surgeons or orthopaedic surgeons of our country. If you are suffering from persistent back pain or spinal damage, the specialists will first ask you to cultivate a few healthy lifestyle habits for improvement. This is paired with medications, exercises, and a healthy well-balanced meal recommended by the doctor. When all things fail, you will have to visit a spine surgeon in Mumbai for further treatment. Despite undergoing a surgery, there is no guarantee that the pain will completely vanish.

What are the advantages of spinal surgery?
  • Decompression surgery can create more space around the spinal cord, which helps provide relief from the nerve pain.
  • Spinal fusion surgery can rectify any deformity.
  • The intake of medications and painkillers go down substantially.
What are the most common spine surgeries performed at Apollo Spectra Mumbai?
  • Foraminotomy

It is a surgery that helps extend the opening in the back where the nerve roots exit the spinal cavity. Therefore, it helps reduce the back pain. During this procedure, the spine surgeons in Mumbai will remove the tissue, which is responsible for the compression of the nerves. The procedure can affect the stability of the spine, hence, in such cases, spinal fusion surgery must also be performed.

  • Laminectomy

Laminectomy is a very common back surgery, where the surgeon takes out the back part, one or more spinal bones, known as vertebrae. During this surgery, the spurs or ligaments that have been bothering the nerves by compressing them are also removed.

  • Spinal Disc Replacement

A rare surgical procedure, but is said to be an innovative surgical technique. Here, the damaged spinal disc is replaced with an artificial disc, between the vertebrae. A spinal fusion surgery is not necessary after this surgery and promotes spinal mobility.

  • Spine Fusion

During spinal fusion surgery, the two vertebrae are joined together to improve the spinal stability. However, it causes limitations is movements and stretching of the nerves. Spinal fusion is recommended if the back pain is a result of; degenerative disk disease, fracture, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, tumours or spinal infections.

  • Herniated Disk Surgery

This surgery is recommended if you are someone who is suffering from pain, which affects your daily activities, experiencing numbness or weakness because of the compressed nerves, unable to control the bladder or bowels, and trouble standing or walking. Discs are cushion-like structures between the vertebrae, which behave as shock absorbers, preventing the rubbing of bone together. Physical therapy, pain relievers, and the rest can cure this condition, when it doesn’t, surgery is the option.

  • Discectomy

Here, the surgeon will remove the damaged disk to provide relief from your nerves. This surgery can be performed in two ways;

  1. An open discectomy – Here, the surgeon will cut in your back or neck.
  2. Microdiscectomy – This is done through smaller cuts. Here, the surgeon inserts a small, thin tube which is connected to a camera to take a look at the damaged disk and to remove it.
  • Vertebroplasty

This surgery is performed to treat vertebral compression fractures. When they are left untreated, the patient may experience too much pain and a hunch can be visible. The compression fracture can be the result of an injury or osteoporosis. During this procedure, the surgeon will insert bone cement inside the affected vertebrae. It is performed to; treat the vertebral compression fracture, prevent future osteoporotic fractures, it helps improve osteoporosis, treats biopsy tumours, and bone cancer.

  • Percutaneous

This procedure involves removing a disc with the help of laser or suction device. This is done with the help of a narrow probe, which is placed through the small incision in the back.

  • Kyphoplasty

This procedure is very similar to vertebroplasty. It is performed to rectify pain associated with a compression fracture. Here, before placing the cement-bone, the doctor will place the balloon-like device inside the compressed vertebrae.

Why Apollo Spectra?

At Apollo Spectra, our aim is to make quality healthcare accessible to all. Our spine surgeons in Mumbai strive to achieve perfection every time and help enhance the health of the patient. Our team is always empathetic and compassionate towards the patients. Our spine surgeons in Mumbai are the best in the country and are highly qualified. With top-notch techniques and modern treatments, we have created a niche for ourselves in the field of medical science.