Surgeon in Jaipur

A surgeon is a specialist, who cuts open the human body, in order to cure a disease, injury, or an illness. Surgeons can be general surgeons, who perform all types of surgery or can be specialists. Surgeons who specialize in a particular part or organ of the human system, study methodically to perform only that kind of surgery. The surgeons in Jaipur, at Apollo Spectra, come with a highly experienced and are versatile. They completely understand what is at stake. They make sure all the tools and technology are up to the mark, in order to make the surgery a success. They are extremely alert while performing the surgery, to eliminate any emergency situations. They are also highly-trained in carrying out any life-saving techniques during the surgery.

The surgeons work with various types of tools, from a scalpel to a calliper. Apart from performing the surgery, they also administer the medications to the patient, supervise the assistant surgeons, and more importantly, keep an eye on the progress of the surgery. Post-surgery, the surgeons in Jaipur, at Apollo Spectra will also conduct follow-up sessions to make sure the surgery shows no ill-effects and to ensure the safety of the patient.

What are the common areas of surgery at Apollo Spectra Jaipur?
  • Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon is a specialist who deals with surgical treatments of the disorders related to the central and the peripheral nervous system. This includes; congenital disorders, trauma, tumours, injuries, vascular disorders, infections of spine and brain, degenerative disease, stroke, etc.

Neurosurgeons have to be extremely alert in order to perform the surgeries, preventing any risks. At Apollo Spectra Jaipur, you will find top-notch neurosurgeons, who have the highest experience and expertise. Neurosurgery is a branch of medical science that deals with the nervous system and the supporting structures. This includes; brain, spinal cord, skull, bones of the spine, nerves, blood vessels, etc.

  • Plastic surgeons

A plastic surgeon is a medical professional, who deals with the surgeries, which involves the transfer of tissues, reshaping and moulding the parts of the body, countering, and enhancing the features in an individual. There are two types of plastic surgery; reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

  • Paediatric surgeons

Paediatric surgeons are medical professionals who deal with the diagnosis, surgical and non-surgical treatments of infants, young children, and teenagers. Paediatric surgeons provide physical, mental, and emotional care to the little patients. They are highly-trained and know how to deal with the young children. An adage in the medical industry states that children are not simply young adults. And, that is a fact. The treatments are different when it comes to children and adults. Children have a small body size and organs that are still developing. They still carry a sensitivity, hence, the treatment prescribed must be something that suits them.

  • Colorectal surgeon

A colorectal surgeon is someone who specializes in the disorders related to the colon, rectal, anus, and the gastric tract.

  • Podiatrist

A podiatrist is basically a foot doctor, who looks after the diagnosis, treatments, and the studies involving legs, ankles, foot, and the lower back. Some of the most common conditions treated by the podiatrist include; ingrown toenails, cysts, tumours, flat feet, warts, corns, calluses, sprains, fractures, and skin disorders. They can provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments related to the foot.

  • Oncologist

Oncologists are medical professionals who detect and treat cancers and tumours.

  • Ophthalmologist

An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor, who detects and treats all disorders related to the eyes. They offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

  • Orthopaedist

An orthopaedist surgeon is a medical professional who deals with the musculoskeletal system of the body. They provide the right diagnosis and provide the necessary treatments, which can be both surgical and non-surgical. Usually, orthopaedists will first try the non-surgical method of treatments in order to cure an ailment, when all things fail, only then they go for a surgery.

  • Cardiac surgeon

A cardiac surgeon is a medical professional who deals with the diagnoses and treatments of the organs present inside the chest. Some of the common conditions treated by a cardiac surgeon include; blockage of arteries, leaking heart valves, blockage in the valves of the heart, heart failure, etc.

Why Apollo Spectra?
At Apollo Spectra, our surgeons are top-notch. We offer surgical treatments for all medical ailments at an affordable price. Our surgeons come with a vast experience and expertise, which is a must for a successful operation. With a dedicated team, who even act as your support system, our patients are our priority. When it comes to surgery, we offer a state-of-the-art facility and use innovative technology, in order to achieve perfection. If you want to know more or for a consultation, book your appointment today or visit your nearest Apollo Spectra!