My name is Jyoti Waghmore and I came to Apollo Spectra Hospital, Pune for my Bariatric surgery. The surgery was performed by the skilled Dr. Jayashree Todkar. I am very happy with the overall service provided by doctors, nurses, and the rest of the staff during the surgery and my stay pre and post surgery. All the staff members are kind, polite, courteous and are willing to serve in whatever capacity you desire. I do not remember all the names, but I would like to mention a few staff members who are excellent, including Srikant and Jyoti and especially who took care of me overnight. Even though my surgery package was basic, I felt the service was on par with the deluxe package. The only thing that needs to be a part of service is that the doctor should also meet the patient’s relatives following the surgery. Rest, I am glad that I picked Apollo Spectra Hospital, Pune, for my treatment and got to know such great people. Many thanks, Best wishes.