In reminiscence of a year ago today, that being 19th March 2016 at 15.00hrs, after having consulted with you a few days earlier on 16th March in terms of surgically removing my swollen and infected hemorrhoids, we reconnected once again in the Pre-Theater waiting area section at the HCG hospital in Bangalore.

Seeing you dressed up in your surgical gown and having a lovely smile on your face, you approached me gently to say a few words of comfort. This action, certainly expressed itself openly in assuring me of your inner self confidence and placing me automatically at ease while lying in mental uncertainty on the trolley bed in the surgical arena of the operating table.

I was blessed to have had such a wonderful caring surgeon like you and I wish to thank you and your Medical team once again for your medical experience and attention that I received in making it quite frankly, a reversal action of a painful anal, into an unforgettable painless surgery procedure which is measured into a pleasurable memory!

Thus I am delighted to confess that I believe I was treated from the best Apollo Spectra Colorectal Surgeon in India and wish to express that I feel so rejuvenated and trouble free in my hemorrhoids suffering ever since our encounter.

Thus sending you a very Happy Anniversary greetings from Botswana and may you continue to make marvels and reach for the stars “Sic itur ad Astra” !!!