My name is Capt. Bharat Singh & I’m from Jhalone. I am 55-year-old & I’m a soldier in the Indian Army. In 2013, I starting having back and leg pain. My pain was keeping me from sleeping, going to work, and getting around and walking. For this, I consulted Army Hospital where they advised me some exercises. After exercises, my pain was controlled but I was able to stand and walk.
I got retired in 2017 from Army services. In September again I started experiencing the same issue, initially, the pain was mild, but later the intensity of the pain increased. But this time the exercises didn’t relieve me the way it had done in the past. I consulted with a doctor, he advised me some painkiller, but it was also a short relief. Gradually my pain increased. Then I decided to consult with some other doctors for my back pain. Through my relatives, in Kanpur, I came to know about Dr. Ankur Gupta. & I met some of his old postoperative patient for feedback. After positive feedback I decided to consult him. When I consulted with him, he advised me for spine surgery & explained me about my disease condition. Due to decompression of nerve, I was getting continuous pain. I got admitted to Apollo Spectra, Kanpur for this surgery on 11th November under the care of Dr. Ankur Gupta. I got operated on 12th November. After surgery I was worried because I was getting my treatment away from home, in case of any help I’ll be alone here with my son. But the process of surgery in this hospital was so easy that everything was managed very smoothly. After my surgery, I was looked after by Dr. Ankur Gupta & staff of Apollo Spectra very nicely. I started walking from the 2nd day of the surgery without any pain. I’m very happy with Dr. Ankur Gupta & entire staff of Apollo Spectra Hospital.