My name is Jagdish Chandra and I am 70-year-old from Kanpur. From last one year, I was suffering from knee pain. Initially, it was on my first knee then gradually I started experiencing pain in both of my legs. In beginning, it was very intense so initially, I tried Ayurvedic treatment and some oil massage on the knee, which initially gave me relief from the pain but then gradually it became so painful that I was not able to walk. Due to this pain, I was not able to concentrate on my business. Before this, I was very much involved in my business activity. I am a very religious person and I like to do sewa of my gurus in the ashram, but due to this knee pain I was not able to travel to Ashram and I was very upset with this because I was doing the Seva for many years. Then, through one of my family friend, I come to know about Dr. A. S. Prasad. My relative had also undergone the knee surgery and she was doing good after the surgery. She started to walk and do normal activities just like before. So, she advised me to consult Dr. A.S. Prasad.

I consulted Dr. A. S. Prasad for this and after seeing my report he advised me for surgery of both the knees. I got admitted to Apollo Spectra Kanpur on 3 November 2017 for my surgery and I got operated for my first knee on 4th November. After the first surgery, I haven’t felt the pain. With continuous physiotherapy, my pain was controlled nicely and I got prepared for my second operation for the knee just after three days. I got operated for both the knees in the gap of 2-3 days but everything was so smooth that I didn’t face any issue or discomfort. I’m getting discharged today, on 10th of November and in a short period of time I’m able to walk with the help of Walker and I am able to stand. There is no pain while walking on my knees. The services were really very good and the staff was very polite and courteous. I think if the staff is good with the patient in terms of behaviour, the patient feels very comfortable. I’m thankful to Dr. A.S. Prasad and the staff of Apollo Spectra hospital for their courteous and helping behaviour with me during my stay in this hospital. I am very much happy with the services provided by the hospital.