My name is Jitendra & I’m 34-year-old, a resident of Raibareli, UP. I am working as a manager in a finance company at Raibareli. From 2014, I was suffering from pain in the hip joint and had difficulty in walking, was unable to climb steps and sleep on side. For my pain, I consulted with many doctors in Raibareli but couldn’t get any relief from pain. Then, I went to Lucknow hospital for consultation for this issue, where I took treatment for about one month. My pain was controlled after taking medicine but when I stopped taking it, I started having the same issue. It had affected my daily routine as every day I used to wake up with intense pain which has made my life miserable. It had affected my professional life as well as I was not able to do my outdoor work.

From one of my Friend, I came to know about Dr. A. S. Prasad, as his mother also got operated by Dr Prasad for knee and results were really very good. When I consulted Dr. Prasad for the first time, he advised some medicine for one month. My pain was controlled, but only when I took the medicine. The condition of my bone was really poor. Than Dr. Prasad advised me for THR as due to lack of blood supply, my bones were getting weak.

As my pain was affecting my personal & professional life, I took the decision to get my hip replaced. My first surgery was done in 2015 and after a year we have planned for my second one. For this surgery, I got admitted to Apollo Spectra Kanpur on 31 October 2017 and got operated on 1st November. With the help of the experienced team of Dr. Prasad and excellent medical care by the staff of this hospital, my THR was successfully accomplished. After my surgery, with the help of specialized physiotherapy & exercise, I am able to do my all routine work normally. There is no pain in walking, I can easily climb steps without any help. My office is also on the second floor. Before surgery, it was very difficult to go on the second floor but now I’m confident and can easily reach to my workplace. Now, I am also able to do my outdoor office work. Now my life is on normal track as now I don’t have to compromise with any physical activity. I got this problem at a very early age. I was worried about my future and how I will take care of my family & responsibilities, but I’m thankful to Dr. A. S. Prasad for his counselling & expert advice, which helped me to take this decision.

I’m thankful to the entire team of Dr. A. S. Prasad & all staff of Apollo Spectra Hospital, Kanpur for helping me. All the counselling & health education has also helped me to practice a good and healthy lifestyle. Now I understand & respect the importance of the healthy body. Thank you.