My name is Kiran Chaturvedi, a resident of Triveni Nagar, Kanpur. My age is 72 years & I was suffering from pain in both of the knees from last two years. Initially, for the first year the pain was very mild then gradually it increased which affected my daily routine as I was not able to do my daily activities like walking, bending my knees & using stairs without support. There was swelling & pain in both the legs. For this, I tried so many things to get rid of this pain but the pain remained same. I was not able to walk which made me bedridden. I live alone here in Kanpur so it was a big problem for me as I have to do my all work my own. I consulted with many doctors but nothing helped.

Through one of my relative, I came to know about Dr. A. S. Prasad and I also read an article of his on Knee pain in the newspaper, where some patients have also shared their experiences & changes after the surgery. Then I decided to consult Dr. A. S. Prasad regarding my knee pain. When I consulted him for my knee pain, he suggested me knee replacement. It was very difficult for me to take this decision at this age, but Dr. Prasad’s counselling helped me to take this decision.

I got admitted to Apollo Spectra on 22nd of October for surgery. During my stay in this hospital, I received very good services from Dr. Prasad’s team & entire hospital staff. After surgery, first few days were very painful but a collective effort of everyone has helped me to come out of this. I especially want to mention and appreciate the courteous behaviour of the staff in this hospital, which make this hospital stand out. Now after my surgery I’m very confident as Dr. Prasad & his team has helped me with excellent physiotherapy support. Now I am able to walk without any support and ability to do my work without the help of anyone. I’m very thankful to Dr. Prasad for his efforts & support throughout my treatment. I would like to thank each one of you for your support & care. All of you have been so helpful. Thank you so much.