On the evening of November 4th, my aunt suffered a severe fall, which led to immense pain and she wasn’t able to stand up on her own. Without any delay, we took her to the family doctor and got the required X-rays done. The results indicated that she had endured a fracture in the femur of her left leg. On the advice from the family doctor, we took my aunt to the Apollo Spectra in Kanpur where she was under the care of Dr. Manav Luthra. As a surgery was vital, we got her admitted. Since my aunt was a diabetic and above 80 years of age, Dr. Luthra patiently walked us through all the risks and complications involved. My aunt’s surgery was a high-risk case. However, Dr. Luthra and his team were exceptional. They kept boosting our confidence and kept us calm.
The surgery was successful and post-surgery the hospital staff took excellent care of my aunt. Due to the cheerful smiles and positive vibes from the hospital staff, my aunt recovered in no time. And Dr. Luthra was simply spectacular. Even after the surgery, he made sure to keep a check on my aunt. With his help, she started walking on her own very soon. I am incredibly happy and sincerely grateful for the wonderful service provided by the hospital. I would like to extend my thanks for your amazing efforts, which helped cure my aunt. Kudos to the team!