I am Bizhan Qaderi, son of Mohammad Zaman Nikria and we are from Afghanistan. My father is a retired writer and poet with more than 45 years of experience. He had been facing a back bone compression in his spine since quite some time. We approached a few hospitals in Afghanistan, for his treatment, but the pain in his spine was getting worse, with each passing day. We then decided to head to India for his treatment, as India is renowned for its good medical facilities. As we went through the web, we came across Dr Abhishek Kumar, who had a five-star rating and is a Doctor at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Kailash Colony. We came to Apollo where my father got his spine surgery performed, under Dr Abhishek Kumar. Within a day of the operation, my father, who could not even sit on a chair until the day before, was able to get up and walk. We are very thankful to Apollo and to India for the excellent treatment and hospitality they offered. We will surely recommend Apollo Spectra hospital to everybody as soon as we reach back home.