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A branch of medicine, which deals with the diagnosis, correction, and treatment of the urinary tract of the male and female, and the male reproductive system is known as urology. And, the doctors who specialize in urology are known as a urologist. Our urinary tract system or simply known as the urinary system is made of kidneys, ureters, urethra, and the bladder. The main responsibility of the urinary tract is that it stores and flushes out the toxins and waste in form of urine. The urination starts with the filters of blood present in the kidneys, and then the urine passes through the ureter and then to the bladder, where the urine is stored and when it is time, it is drained through the urethra. People from any age group can contract urological disorders.

When should you see a urologist?
  • Although some of the urological symptoms are silent, you must not ignore when you notice the following symptoms;
    If you notice blood in your urine. Although blood in urine might not be a very serious issue, it may be related to kidney stones. Therefore, when you visit a urologist, he or she will conduct a diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.
  • Pain in your testicles or noticing a lump – If the pain in the testes or the lump last more than a couple of weeks, it is important that you visit a urology hospital in Bangalore. It could be a symptom of testicular cancer. But, don’t worry, with early diagnosis, this cancer is highly curable.
  • If you are experiencing severe pain or a burning sensation while urinating. This could mean you are suffering from a urinary tract infection. Other symptoms of this condition include; pain in the bladder, groin, lower abdomen or pelvis, foul-smelling urine, the need to frequently or urgently urinate, bloody urine and fatigue. If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, you may also feel like the bladder is still full immediately after urinating.
  • If you are having trouble urinating, one of the reasons could be an enlarged prostate. This is quite common in older men. With medications and other necessary treatments, your doctor will be able to cure the condition and even shrink the enlarged prostate.
  • If you experience frequent and/or urgent need to urinate. This can also mean urinary incontinence, which is a condition, where one loses control of the bladder. It can be an embarrassing situation as the urine might leak during inappropriate times.
  • If you find an abnormality during the prostate exam, such as a nodule, which could be associated with cancer. Therefore, if you are someone who doesn’t get the regular medical evaluation done, it is important to start now. And, this must include a prostate exam, especially, if you have crossed the 40 marks. If you notice any changes, it is important to share it with your urologist.
  • Frequent urinary tract infection could mean that the bacteria never left the premises after the previous infection. However, it is only classified as recurrent, if the infection occurs multiple times or more in a span of six months. Men can also experience this condition, but it is more common in women. The most common conditions that cause recurrent urinary tract infections are;
  • If you have been admitted to a hospital or a nursing home
  • If you are suffering from diabetes
  • Having kidney stones or bladder stones
  • Having a catheter
  • If you have had a urinary tract surgery previously
  • Sexual activities
  • If you have infected or enlarged prostate
  • If you are born with an abnormality in the urinary tract
  • If you are suffering from severe constipation
  • Erectile dysfunction – Although you might feel a little awkward, if it is an ongoing problem that has happened a handful of times, it is time to visit a urology hospital in Bangalore. Erectile dysfunction means if you are unable to get or maintain an erection or if it isn’t rigid enough.
  • The other male urological problems include infertility, a change of elevation is the prostate-specific antigen, etc. and in women, it includes urinary fistula, pelvic organ prolapse, etc.
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