Vascular surgeon in Delhi

A vascular surgeon is someone who diagnoses, treats, and helps us manage all the disorders related to the arteries and veins, which is also known as the blood vessels. The vascular surgeons treat a wide range of conditions, from spider veins to varicose veins, and even life-threatening diseases. They also help manage all the chronic conditions and enhance the quality of life. To become a vascular surgeon, our vascular surgeon in Delhi, at Apollo Spectra undergoes high trained for several years, to gain the necessary expertise. Their training includes traditional vascular surgery and also innovative minimally invasive techniques.

What are the most common conditions treated by a vascular surgeon at Apollo Spectra, Delhi?
Aneurysm – It is when there is a bulge or a weakness in the artery. This condition occurs when the walls of the arteries become weak.
Atherosclerosis – It is when the arteries become hard because of the plaque build-up in the artery walls. The symptoms of this condition include; weakness, difficulty in breathing, headache, facial numbness, and even paralysis.
Carotid artery disease or peripheral artery disease – Here, the arteries that are responsible for bringing the blood back to the limbs and neck may become obstructed. Compression disorders, which includes; nutcracker syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome. The vascular surgeons help with the dialysis access or help place the graft or fistula, which will allow you to receive the necessary dialysis treatment for a kidney disease.
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – This condition is where the blood clot surfaces deep within the skin. The symptoms of this condition include; swelling in the affected leg, pain in the legs, the leg may become red or discolored, and you may also experience a warm feeling in your leg.
Spider Veins – They are the small webs of veins that are present just underneath the skin. Trauma to the arteries and veins, which can occur due to accidents or injuries are treated by our vascular surgeon in Delhi.
Varicose veins can lead to swollen, large or twisted veins. It can cause pain in the legs.
Venous ulcers – They are arterial or diabetic wounds. They cannot be healed easily, so, immediate treatment is important. The symptoms of this condition include; leg swelling or cramps, pain in your leg or calf, which can be sometimes accompanied by heaviness, skin itching or tingling, the skin becomes red, the border of the ulcers may seem uneven, and the skin surrounding the ulcer can look shiny and warm.
How are the vascular diseases diagnosed?
To conduct accurate diagnoses, our vascular surgeon in Delhi might do a mild physical evaluation. Then, our surgeon may also go through your medical history, your lifestyle choices, and can ask you more about all the symptoms you are going through. After narrowing down your condition, your surgeon may then recommend a few tests to confirm the same. These tests include;

Ankle Brachial Index is a test used to check the severity of PAD. When you go for this test, the specialist may also check your both the arms and ankles for blood pressure and then compare the results.

Ultrasound is a test, which is used to diagnose various conditions. In this test, the sound waves formulate pictures of blood vessels and generally used to detect aneurysms, carotid artery disease, and varicose veins.

How are the vascular disorders treated?
When you visit our vascular surgeon in Delhi, they will come with the best treatment plan, according to your needs and condition. This includes;

  • A healthy lifestyle makes way for a healthy life. Therefore, our surgeons may ask you to follow a healthy routine, which generally includes; healthy eating, exercises, no tobacco, etc.
  • If you are suffering from blood clots, medications may be prescribed.
  • Depending on your condition, our surgeons may also perform cat herder-based procedures, such as ablation, which is used to close the blood vessels that have been damaged, angioplasty, and even stenting.
  • Your surgeon may also opt for compression therapy, which is useful to manage the symptoms, like pain or swelling.
  • Sclerotherapy and injections are used to close spider veins or varicose veins.
  • Surgery may be performed if necessary.
Why Apollo Spectra?
The vascular surgery department at Apollo Spectra deals with all kinds of diseases related to the vascular system, which includes arteries, veins, and the lymphatic system. Our vascular surgeons will rectify any condition and restore your good health and well-being. Our vast experience and skills coupled with our innovative research help us deliver successful treatments every time.