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Colorectal Cancer Surgery in C-scheme, Jaipur

The colon and the rectum in your body combined together make the bowel that gets rid of all the food waste that you excrete. Colorectal problems are medical conditions that are impacting the colon and the rectum area and causing problems in their functionality. This includes colon cancer, colitis, Crohn's disease, and colon polyps. The problems that arise because of it can range from mild to very severe ones. Fortunately, there have been enough treatments and screening options that are available now which can cure colorectal problems.

Some severe problems include:

  1. Colorectal cancer: This is a condition that develops from colon polyps and is cancerous in nature.
  2. Colon polyps: This involves tissue growing on the outer lining of the colon. Its size can differ from being flat to being mushroom-sized. Most of them do not harm your body, but some of them become cancerous in nature and cause colon cancer.
  3. Crohn's disease: It is a medical condition where you feel a burning sensation in your digestive tracts.
  4. Colitis: When a colon becomes inflamed, it can result in ulcerative colitis. This is usually a mild condition but can also lead to severe illness.
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome: When you feel bloated, have cramps, diarrhoea, or have pain in the abdominal area, you might have this condition.

What are the symptoms of colorectal problems?

There are certain signs that you will observe if you start having colorectal problems. They are the following:

  1. Bleeding in the rectal area
  2. Blood coming from your stools
  3. Constipation in your stomach
  4. Diarrhoea
  5. There is a pain in your abdominal area

When to see a doctor at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur?

Colorectal problems can be cured with the help of proper treatment and diagnosis at an early stage. If you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should consult the best specialist in Jaipur immediately.

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What are the causes of colorectal problems?

Colorectal problems are caused mainly because of deficiency in diet and decreased physical activities. These may include:

  1. People of 50 years of age and more are at a high risk of having colon polyps
  2. Africans and Americans possess more risk as compared to others for colorectal problems
  3. Having a lifestyle with no physical activities would lead to colorectal problems
  4. It can also happen if you have a family history of the same
  5. Smoking and drinking might also cause such kind of problems
  6. Being obese might also lead to colorectal problems

How is the diagnosis of colorectal problems being done?

Diagnosis of colorectal problems include the following:

  1. Colonoscopy: This involves inserting a long tube with a camera inside your rectum. The doctor can look through the camera and remove the cancerous colons.
  2. Flexible sigmoidoscopy: It is just like Colonoscopy but is done only in the first part of the colon
  3. Virtual Colonoscopy: With the help of X-rays and camera images, the whole picture of your colon is created by the doctors. This is also for watching but the doctor cannot remove the colon

How are colorectal problems treated?

The treatments that are offered for colorectal problems vary depending on how severe the condition is:

  1. Surgery is performed to remove the cancerous polyps
  2. Medication should be taken properly in order to reduce the pain
  3. There should be a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle in order to get rid of colorectal problems.


Colorectal problems can be cured with the right treatment. If a person is suffering from high abdominal pain in the stomach, he/she should take advice from a doctor and follow all their instructions.

How do you know your colon is bad?

A big change in your dietary habits can lead to diarrhoea and or constipation. Rectal bleeding is also a common sign of such conditions.

What does skinny poop mean?

These are the narrow stools that occur unusually.

Can haemorrhoids cause blood to be thin?

There are some masses that always come out from the rectum or the anal area. This occurs due to haemorrhoids. It is a type of enlarged blood vessel.


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