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At Apollo Spectra Hospitals, we offer a range of diagnostic services designed to assess your current health status and screen you for risk factors for serious and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Doctors order diagnostic tests to:

  • Confirm or rule out the presence of any disease or underlying medical condition.
  • Review the efficacy of the current treatment regimen.
  • Plan new or tweak existing treatment regimens.

Read on to find the answers to some of the most common queries people have about our in-house diagnostic services.

Why do Apollo Spectra Hospitals offer in-house diagnostic services?

Apollo Spectra Hospitals offer in-house diagnostic services at all its locations.

We are a surgical center, and our doctors and surgeons usually order diagnostic tests to accurately ascertain patients’ health status and treatment efficacy. By providing all healthcare and diagnostic services under one roof, we ensure our patients don’t have to travel all over the city to search for laboratories that will carry out the tests they have been prescribed.

How do the in-house diagnostic services offered by Apollo Spectra Hospitals benefit the patients admitted here?

Patients admitted at the Apollo Spectra Hospitals benefit from the in-house diagnostic services in the following ways:

No Time Wasted Waiting for the Tests

We operate 24x7, even on Sundays and public holidays.

Diagnostic tests are performed as soon as the doctor orders them. We send our technicians to the patient’s bedside to collect samples as soon as we receive the request for a test. If a doctor orders a test where the patient has to come to our laboratory, we make arrangements to transport the patient safely, as soon as we are notified of the doctor’s advice.

No time is wasted waiting for laboratory technicians to arrive or the patient to be transported to the laboratory. There is no hassle with booking slots.

Prompt Delivery of Test Results to the Doctor

We send the results to the doctor who had ordered the test as soon as they are generated. This ensures the doctor can tweak the existing treatment regimen or initiate an alternate one without losing valuable time

No Need to Pay for the Tests Each Time One is Ordered

The costs of the tests are added to the final hospital bill that is settled when the patient is discharged. There is no need to keep cash handy at all times or carry a debit or credit card to the hospital.

How do the in-house diagnostic services offered by Apollo Spectra Hospitals help patients visiting the OPD?

Patients visiting the OPD facility at the Apollo Spectra Hospitals benefit from the in-house diagnostic services in the following ways:

  • We carry out all the common diagnostic tests that doctors from the various specialties at our hospital are likely to order for a patient. This ensures you don’t have to hunt around the city for laboratories that will carry out the tests. You save time, money, and energy.
  • We have a transparent pricing policy. The costs of all the tests we conduct at our premises are prominently displayed. There are no hidden costs.

What tests do you perform at the in-house diagnostic laboratory of Apollo Spectra Hospitals?

We conduct the most common tests that are ordered by our doctors for:

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Lungs
  • Thyroid Gland
  • Infertility

We carry out tests on patients of all ages and gender.

Can I self-refer a diagnostic test?

We do not carry out diagnostic tests without a prescription from a certified and licensed doctor.

How will I prepare for a diagnostic test?

Your doctor will provide you with detailed instructions on preparing for a diagnostic test when they prescribe it.

Why should I avail the in-house diagnostic services offered by Apollo Spectra Hospitals?

You should avail of the in-house diagnostic services at Apollo Spectra Hospitals because:

  • We conduct all tests at our NABL-accredited laboratories. We are also accredited by the College of American Pathologists, UKAS, and ANAB. We have been verified and certified for our technical competency.
  • We use state-of-the-art machinery, and all our staff is trained to use the equipment. The reports generated by our laboratories are accurate and help our doctors make the best treatment decisions.
  • Our technicians are trained, experienced, and experts at what they do. These translate to patient convenience during testing. Young patients are soothed when drawing blood from them so that they are less frightened and more cooperative. We ensure that our elderly and mobility-challenged patients are safe and supported when they get up and down, for example, the X-ray bed.
  • We ensure all steps are taken to enable our female patients to be tested safely and comfortably.
  • We exercise all Covid-19 protocols. All our personnel is fully vaccinated, and they are screened for symptoms every day when they report to work. They are regularly tested for Covid-19. They wear masks and other protective gear and sanitize their hands after handling every patent. We ensure social distancing norms are followed within our premises at all times.

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