Sprain and Ligament Tear: Know the difference

We’ve all at some point experienced an ankle twist, accompanied by swollen ankles and various degrees of pain. While most of us would describe this as an ankle sprain, it could also be an ankle ligament tear. Both the conditions- sprain and ligament tear- are different and would require different treatments, hence it’s important to Continue reading

Five Simple Exercises To Ease Back Pain

Traditionally, aches and pains have usually been associated with the elderly, but given our lifestyles, it’s not uncommon these days for people even in their 20s to be afflicted with various forms of severe back pain. This painful disorder can affect you in various forms such as lower back pain, upper back pain, back spasms, Continue reading

Gallstone and Pregnancy Know the complications

Gallstone and pregnancy: Know the complications   A gallbladder is a relatively small organ that plays a major role in digestion. However, it can be a reason to worry during pregnancy. The changes that occur during pregnancy represents the effective functioning of the gall bladder. An affected gall bladder can cause various complications that can Continue reading