The Forgotten Fathers

Apollo Spectra Hospitals celebrated this Father’s Day at Rajeshwari Old Age Home, Hyderabad. A health camp was also organized for all senior citizens at the old age home. The hospital had volunteered to spend the day with these forgotten fathers, who had welcomed us into their lives with warm smiles and cherished memories of the Continue reading

healthy food

4 Recipes to See a Visible Improvement in Weight

One cannot stress enough on the importance of eating healthy to live healthy. Yet most of us find it difficult to fit healthy habits into our busy lifestyles. To help you, we have charted out quick recipes that could easily fit into your routine as either breakfast, snacks or for your ‘mid-meal’ cravings. Replacing oily Continue reading

Obesity Types

Obesity Types That You Need To Know

Obesity is a condition where a person has body fat to such an extent that it tends to hinder their daily lives. It could also trigger health problems. A person is considered obese when his/her Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30. Some common causes of obesity include excessive intake of food, lack of exercise, Continue reading

Snoring & Swollen Tonsils

Are your swollen tonsils causing the snoring?

Snoring is the snorting or rattling noise that a person makes while breathing during his sleep. This noise comes from the vibration caused in the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose or throat. Some people snore infrequently and the sound they make may not be particularly loud, while others may snore every night, Continue reading

Rotator Cuff

4 Common Signs of Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff or rotor cuff is a group of muscles and their tendons that perform the function of stabilizing the shoulder. It basically comprises of four muscles which help in motion, stability and strengthening of the shoulders. Damage to any or all four muscles and ligaments that attach these muscles to bone can occur Continue reading

Knee Replacement Surgery

Why you should not delay Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement is a surgery to relieve pain and disability in the knee joints. Severe knee pain, knee stiffness, swelling and inflammation in the knee are symptoms of needing a knee replacement. In this process, the surgeon replaces the damaged part of the knee with metal parts. Damaged joints and the surrounding tissue can make Continue reading

5 Foods to improve Uterus Health

Five Foods to Improve Uterus Health

A healthy uterus is important as this organ plays a vital role in the reproduction process. Many women’s health problems are associated with the uterus. In order to avoid uterus problems such as fibroids, infection, polyps, prolapse, uterus pain etc., you must include the following foods in your diet. Nuts and seeds Nuts such as Continue reading

Sprain and Ligament Tear: Know the difference

We’ve all at some point experienced an ankle twist, accompanied by swollen ankles and various degrees of pain. While most of us would describe this as an ankle sprain, it could also be an ankle ligament tear. Both the conditions- sprain and ligament tear- are different and would require different treatments, hence it’s important to Continue reading