What are the pros and cons of minimally invasive surgeries?

Minimally invasive surgeries are those, where the cuts made to perform the surgery are much smaller in size than they usually would be in open surgery. Types of minimally invasive surgeries include laparoscopic bariatric surgery, lap sleeve gastrectomy, lap appendectomy procedure, laparoscopy diagnostic, and laparoscopic hernia repair. A lap appendectomy procedure is one, in which Continue reading

Is robotic surgery the ideal choice for a minimally invasive surgery today?

Robotic surgery, or a robot-assisted surgery, enables the doctors to perform some complex surgeries with more precision, control and flexibility than what is possible with the conventional procedures. Robotic surgeries are usually associated with minimally invasive surgery. These surgeries are performed through tiny incisions, unlike open surgeries. Though, it may also sometimes be used during Continue reading