6 Reasons for Women to visit a Urologist

Importance of Urinary Health The urinary system of the human body performs the major function of eliminating unwanted wastes in the blood through bodily fluids. It primarily consists of the kidneys, ureters, the bladder and the urethra. While the kidneys filter the blood, the ureters move urine from the kidneys to the bladder; the bladder, Continue reading


The 4 Types of Sinusitis and the Best Treatment Options

Sinuses are a group of air-filled spaces surrounding the nasal cavity. The sinuses perform multiple functions related to the respiratory system and require the free flow of gases and secretions into the nose. When the pathways connecting the sinuses and the nose get blocked, the mucosa lining the sinuses gets unhealthy, leading to inflammation and Continue reading

Kidney Stones Signs

Kidney Stones: Don’t Ignore These 5 Signs

Kidney Stones are a common condition in India, and they usually pass out of the urine by themselves. However, there are 5 symptoms that cannot be overlooked and will lead to severe pain if ignored, read them here. What causes kidney stones, what is the treatment for stones? Know from Apollo Spectra specialists.

knee home remedies

Nine Home Remedies for Knee Arthritis

  Dr. Raj Kanna is an expert Knee Surgeon, trained in India and United Kingdom with 17 years of experience in the field. He is a specialist in the Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery and Arthroscopic (Key-Hole) Surgery of the knee. He is renowned for his latest solutions for various knee problems such as arthritis, ligament Continue reading

Top 10 questions you need to ask yourself to rule out Breast Cancer

According to studies, urban population, particularly the urban women entering their forties, are prone to breast diseases. It is very important for them to get a sonomammogram (Ultrasound of Breasts) done as early as possible. Guide yourself through the self-analysis of breasts by answering the following questions:

Take control of your Arthritis- Diet tips for Joint Health

Ms. Kriti Goel is a clinical nutritionist, bariatric nutritionist and international patients diet counselor at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Karol Bagh (Delhi). Ms. Kriti specializes in adopting a holistic approach to nutrition, weight and health management. She has vast knowledge in many clinical areas such as diabetes, high cholesterol, stones during pregnancy and lactation, post-pregnancy weight Continue reading