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Correction of Deformities

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Bone Deformity Correction Surgery in C-scheme, Jaipur

The deformity can be a disfigurement of any part of your body. A deformity looks different or abnormal from the other parts of your body. It can be caused due to injury, genetic disorder or complications during birth. It may occur in your legs, arms, spine or ankle.

If your deformities are creating serious problems or affecting the quality of your life, your doctor may recommend medications or surgery. Deformities can be corrected by straightening the bones that are disfigured and look abnormal.

How to correct deformities?

Deformities can be corrected in two different ways. Your doctor will recommend the best surgery for you depending on the severity of your deformity.

Surgical treatment: In this surgical procedure, the deformity will be corrected at once. This is also called an acute correction.

Non-surgical treatment: During this procedure, deformities will be corrected over months or weeks using external fixators or devices. This is also called a gradual correction.

This surgery at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur may be conducted under local or general anaesthesia. During the surgery, your surgeon will create two separate parts of the bone by cutting the bone. This process to cut a bone is called an osteotomy. This will help your surgeon to straighten the deformed bone. Screws, metal rods or plates can be used to hold the deformed bone in its new corrected position. The internal devices may be removed during your second surgery.

During the gradual correction of deformities, your doctor may recommend external devices or fixators to straighten the deformed bone. This process may take weeks or months. In this process, the bone segments are pulled apart and straightened. This gradual process of straightening your bone is called distraction. This will help to generate a new bone.

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy after you heal to strengthen your bones and improve mobility of your bones.

What are the benefits of deformities correction surgery?

The benefits of deformities correction at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur include:

  • It will help to straighten the deformed bone.
  • It will help you to walk or run properly
  • It will strengthen your deformed bone.
  • It will increase the mobility of your bones.
  • It will help to correct the disfigurement of the bones.

What are the side effects of deformities correction surgery?

The side effects of deformities correction surgery include:

  • Bleeding from the surgical site may occur.
  • Infection near the wound may occur after the surgery.
  • You may suffer complications due to anaesthesia.
  • You may experience pain around the bones.
  • You may notice blood clots near the surgical site.
  • You may feel stiffness around the bones.
  • You may require help to walk after the surgery.

How to prepare for deformities correction surgery?

  • Inform your doctor about the medications you are taking before the surgery.
  • Your doctor may recommend a liquid diet or nutritional diet before the surgery.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol prior to the days of surgery.
  • Do not smoke before the surgery.
  • If you are pregnant, inform your doctor beforehand.
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure patients should inform their doctor.
  • If you are allergic to certain medications, tell your doctor.
  • Avoid taking blood thinner medications.

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Is deformity correction surgery safe?

Yes, deformity correction surgeries are safe. They will help to correct and straighten your deformed bone.

Is deformity correction surgery painful?

Surgery is usually conducted under general anaesthesia. You may experience pain and discomfort after the surgery. This will go away with time.

How long does it take to perform deformity correction surgery?

It depends on the extent of your surgery. It may take two hours or more than that.


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