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Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

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Ear Infection (Otitis Media) Treatment in C-scheme, Jaipur

Otitis Media is an ear infection in the middle ear caused by fluids trapped behind the eardrum. Children experience this infection more commonly than adults. The reason for that is childrens’ immune system is still work-in-progress which is quite difficult to fight off infections.

Another reason for this occurrence is that the Eustachian tube (the small passageway that joins the throat to the ear) is shorter and straighter in children. Most middle ear infection occurs during the cold or spring season. If the infection persists for more than 3 days with a high fever, then it should be checked by a doctor at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur.

Types of Middle Ear Infection

Middle Ear Infections can be classified under two categories:

  • Acute Otitis MediaAcute
    Otitis Media is a comparable faster middle infection and causes redness and swelling behind the ear. It also causes fever, extreme earache, and trouble in hearing.
  • Otitis Media With Effusion
    Otitis Media with effusion is a type of infection followed after another infection. The residue mucus and fluid from the prior infection collect and build up in the middle ear. This can result in the ear being stuffed and affect the ability to hear properly.

Cause of Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

The basic cause of the middle ear infection is a common cold, sinus problem, throat infection, breathing problem, or other respiratory problem.

When the Eustachian tube is blocked because of the infection, the fluid present behind the ear grows bacteria inside it which in turn causes pain and infection. The infection can cause the swelling of the eustachian tube and as a result, prevent the fluids from draining properly. Now, this fluid will grow bacteria against the eardrum.

Symptoms of Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

Children experience a lot of things during an ear infection. Some of the common symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Tugging of ears
  • High fever
  • Irritation on touching the ear
  • Ear pain
  • Problem in hearing
  • Discharge of yellow fluids from the ear
  • Nausea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Loss of interest in favourite activities
  • Dizziness
  • Swollen or red ears

How to Treat Ear Infection (Otitis Media)?

If your only symptom is an ache in your ear then visiting the doctor can be prolonged. But if the pain isn’t getting better and you are suffering from a high fever, then you should consult with the doctor immediately. During the visit, doctors at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur will use an otoscope to see where the problem lies. After reviewing the ear, ear drops or antibiotics, and pain relievers may be prescribed by the doctor to treat the infection.

Prevention of Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

There are basic hygiene practices involved to prevent Ear infections. Some of them are given below:

  • Clean your ears by washing them and dry using a cotton swab.
  • Dry your ears after any physical pursuit such as swimming or workout sessions.
  • Avoid smoking and never use second-hand smoke.
  • Ensure to take all your vaccines in time.
  • Avoid people with respiratory problems or the common cold.
  • Know your allergies and keep the medications nearby.
  • Do not use keys or safety pins to clean your ears.
  • Visit the doctor for a routine check-up.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.


Ear infections are common in children and can be treated with adequate medications and consultation with doctors. There are some cases where adults too experience a critical ear infection which can cause severe damage to the hearing aid.

To prevent ear infections, it is necessary to follow hygiene in lifestyle and routine check-ups with your ENT.

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What happens if the Otitis Media is left untreated?

If an ear infection (Otitis Media) is left untreated then it may cause temporary hearing loss and lead to permanent hearing impairment. The infection in children may cause critical speech and language development as well if not treated

How to treat Middle Ear Infection (Otitis Media)?

Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers to treat Middle Ear Infection (Otitis Media). The course of antibiotics should be completed as per the doctor’s prescription for better results.

How to prevent Ear Infection (Otitis Media) in adults?

Basic hygiene and cleaning the ears regularly is the key to prevent ear infection. It is advisable to quit smoking and dry your ears completely after a shower or swimming session.


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