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Hand Joint (Small) Replacement Surgery

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Hand Joint Replacement Surgery in C-scheme, Jaipur


Degenerative arthritis is a major cause of joint pain and aches in aged people. Sometimes arthritis can occur in younger people too. Sometimes arthritis occurs due to post-traumatic stress of an injury. Hand joints are one such area that can be severely affected by arthritis. The pain can be so severe that it stops responding to any treatment. Surgery is required in situations like this.

What is a Hand Joint (Small) Replacement Surgery?

Hand joint (small) replacement surgery refers to surgical removal of damaged bone and joint from the smaller joints of the hand like finger joints and knuckles. This is then replaced with prosthetic bone and joints.

In What Kinds of Medical Situation is a Hand Joint (Small) Replacement Surgery Required?

Hand joint (small) replacement surgeries are not common and not required always. If the articular cartilage of the joints gets damaged, only then surgery is necessary. This damage generally occurs due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-injury arthritis. Sometimes the arthritic pain of the hand can be cured without surgery. Only in extreme situations, replacement surgery is necessary.

If any of these arthritic conditions become severe, you should contact a healthcare professional.

What is the Procedure of a Hand Joint (Small) Replacement Surgery?

The procedure for a hand joint (small) replacement surgery is as follows:

  • General or local anaesthesia is performed to numb the senses before the surgery.
  • Incisions are made on the skin according to the positions of the joints.
  • Tendons and tissues are moved away carefully without causing any damage to expose the bone.
  • The damaged parts of the bone and joints are removed with the help of surgical instruments.
  • These parts are replaced with metal, plastic, or carbon-coated materials.
  • The necessary repairs are made.

What Are The Possible Risks and Complications Involved with Hand Joint (Small) Replacement Surgery?

The possible risks and complications or side effects involved with hand joint (small) replacement are as follows:

  • Wrist infection
  • Lack of active hand movement
  • Hand and finger instability
  • Implant failure
  • Bone dislocation
  • Loosening of implants
  • Nerve damage or blood vessel damage

All of these conditions and side effects are temporary and curable. If you face any of these problems, you should contact a healthcare professional immediately.

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You should immediately contact a healthcare professional at the first symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. They will give you the best solutions possible. If necessary, they will refer you to a good surgeon.

How long does it take to recover from a hand joint (small) replacement?

A hand joint (small) replacement takes from a few weeks to a few months to recover. The recovery depends on the healing rate of an individual. The bone will heal within a couple of months. One might not be able to use their fingers to their full extent within a couple of months after the surgery. They should wait at least about eight to ten weeks to regain 75% agility of their fingers.

Can knuckles be replaced?

Yes, knuckles can be replaced. Arthroplasty is commonly used to repair or replace damaged knuckles. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause serious damage to the knuckles. It can always be treated with surgery.

How much does a hand joint (small) replacement surgery cost?

Unlike hip, knee, and ankle replacement surgeries, hand replacement surgery costs relatively less. The cost of wrist replacements in India is equivalent to 3600 USD and up to 5000 USD. This means the pricing in India starts from 2.5 lakh and can range up to 4 lakhs.

How many hours does hand joint (small) surgery take?

Hand joint (small) replacement surgery is a very complex process. Due to this, it requires a very long time to be completed successfully. It generally takes from eight to ten hours to complete a hand joint (small) replacement surgery.


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