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Lumpectomy Surgery in C-scheme, Jaipur

Lumpectomy is a surgery performed to treat breast cancer. It removes the tumour from the breast along with a little of the healthy breast tissue surrounding it. Unlike mastectomy, it does not remove the entire natural breast.

What is a lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy is a surgical treatment for breast cancer patients. It is usually recommended in the early stages of cancer. It is also known as breast conservation surgery as it does not remove the whole breast, unlike a mastectomy. During the surgery, the tissue infected by the cancer cells along with a bit of the healthy tissue surrounding it is removed from the breast. This is done to ensure the full removal of the tumour. The surgery is usually followed by some sessions of radiation therapy depending on the case to avoid recurrence or growth of a new tumour.

Why and who should get a lumpectomy?

The goal of a lumpectomy is to get rid of the tumour without altering the appearance of the breast. It is suggested in the early stages of breast cancer and may also be used as a method to remove some noncancerous breast abnormalities. A lumpectomy is a good option for patients who:

  • Have a small tumour in their breast. The size of the tumour should be small in comparison to the size of the breast.
  • Cancer has only affected one area of the breast
  • Don’t have a history of getting your breast treated with breast conservation surgery or radiation therapy
  • Are willing and will be able to get radiation therapy
  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not have the gene factor that may increase your chances of recurrence of breast cancer

The oncologist at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur will be able to give the best advice depending on your condition.

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Risk factors of having a lumpectomy

Usually a very safe and effective procedure, the lumpectomy still has the following potential risks after surgery:

  • Infection
  • Swelling in the arm or hand closest to the affected breast
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising or scar tissue on the affected area
  • Change in the appearance of the breast

If the swelling and pain persist and you notice a build-up fluid around the breast, contact your doctor immediately.

What to expect after surgery?

Most women require to follow up radiation therapy after the surgery to rule out the risk of having the cancer return or developing new tumour cells. Instructions will be given by the doctor at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur on how to recover and take care of the affected area after the surgery as well.

  • Pain medication will be prescribed to relieve you of discomfort after the procedure
  • Health specialists will also monitor you and your heart rate after the surgery
  • Doctor will also recommend some arm movement and exercises to avoid stiffness in the arm close to the affected breast
  • The doctor will also guide you on how to recognise any signs of infection.

Follow-up visits at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur will also be scheduled to check on how it is healing.


Lumpectomy is the surgery to remove the abnormally grown tissue from the breast. It is also known as breast conservation surgery or partial mastectomy because during lumpectomy the whole breast is not removed to get rid of cancer. During this surgery, only the tissue with the tumour and a bit of the healthy tissue are removed. The surgery is usually followed up with radiation therapy sessions.

How will lumpectomy change the appearance of the breast?

Since lumpectomy is done in cases where the cancer is diagnosed early or the tumour is small, it does not alter the appearance of the breast as much. There might be some changes or scarring from the surgery.

What are the restrictions after the surgery?

Healing time for patients after the surgery varies from case to case and can take anywhere from a few days to a week. Work and physical activities can usually resume after a week.

How long does the surgery take?

The procedure is usually an outpatient operation (the patient can go home the same day). The surgery itself takes only about an hour.


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