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Mastectomy Procedure in C Scheme, Jaipur

The procedure of mastectomy includes the removal of all the breast tissues as well as the cells around the breast area to avoid the spread of breast cancer. Many women suffer from breast cancer and those who detect cancer in their breasts in the early stages, can be treated with a mastectomy to avoid the spread of cancer tumours. Around one lakh women are diagnosed and treated with breast cancer every year. Breast cancer has no early symptoms, which make it tough to detect in the early stages.

What are the symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer usually doesn’t show any symptoms at the early stages and mostly goes unnoticed. In the advanced stages, it shows symptoms like: -

  • Change in breast size, shape, or appearance
  • Lumping in your breast area
  • White or red discharge from your nipple
  • Nipple turning inwards
  • Pain in your breasts
  • Skin changes around your breast area
  • Redness around your breast area

Why is the procedure of Mastectomy done?

Cancer is the tumour formed in any part of the body because of the abnormal growth of cells. These cells are cancerous and tend to affect nearby cells. It is important to remove these cells from the body before the condition gets worse.

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In the procedure of mastectomy, you may undergo Unilateral Mastectomy to remove one breast or, both breasts, which is known as Bilateral Mastectomy, depending upon the effect cancerous cells have done on their surrounding cells and tissues.

There are different types of breast cancer and mastectomy can be an option for some of them like in the case of: -

  • Ductal carcinoma in situ - This type of breast cancer is noninvasive
  • Stage I and stage II breast cancer - These stages are detected as the early stage of breast cancer.
  • Stage III breast cancer - Mastectomy is also done in advanced stages of breast cancer but after proper sessions of chemotherapy only.
  • Inflammatory type breast cancer - Mastectomy is an option to treat inflammatory breast cancer but after chemotherapy.
  • In Paget’s disease of the breast, a Mastectomy is an option.
  • Breast cancer that is locally recurrent - Mastectomy can be an option for the removal of cancerous cells that locally recur.

When to go for a Mastectomy surgery?

If you notice any symptoms associated with breast cancer, you are advised to visit your doctor in Jaipur and have all necessary check-ups to figure out what type of breast cancer you have developed and at what stage cancerous cells have spread in your body.

Only after knowing the stage of breast cancer, the specialist at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur can recommend treatment options to avoid the spread of tumour cells further in your body.

Your doctor will suggest you go for a mastectomy if: -

  • You have developed two or more tumours at different locations around your breast area.
  • You have malignant calcium appearing all over your breast. These calcium deposits can be found out only after a breast biopsy.
  • Recurrence of breast cancer. If you have had breast cancer in the past, then there is a chance for you to develop breast cancer again.
  • You are pregnant. Many women suffer from breast cancer during their pregnancy and going for radiation treatment can risk the life of your unborn child. Then your doctor will suggest mastectomy. Removal of breast tissues and cells where the tumour cells have been formed is the option to prevent further spread of tumour cells in the body affecting the unborn child in your womb.
  • You have had a lumpectomy in the past. In the process of lumpectomy, cancer tumour cells are left at the margins of the treated area and these remains tend to affect your cells and form tumours at another location of your breasts. Removing breast tissues may be an option to prevent the spread of the tumour to other parts of the breasts and body.
  • Many of you carry gene mutations in your body that can lead to breast cancer. Your doctor will suggest you go for mastectomy surgery to prevent further expansion of breast cancer in your body.
  • If you have a tumour covering almost all parts around your breast regions, then mastectomy will be the only option to avoid the spread of these tumour cells all over your body.
  • There are several connective tissues surrounded by your breasts and many times you can face disease or medical problems in these connective tissues (scleroderma or lupus). If your body is not in a condition to tolerate radiation treatment, then going for a mastectomy will be the only option you will be left with.

Is the procedure of Mastectomy effective?

Around 92% of the women who have undergone mastectomy surgery have seen a reduction of recurrence of breast cancer and many of them are leading a happy life after the procedure. Removal of breast tissues reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Which doctor should I consult for a Mastectomy surgery?

Oncologists are doctors specialized in treating cancers from your body. If you are planning to go for mastectomy surgery, you need to consult a specialized oncologist.


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