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ROTATOR CUFF REPAIR Treatment & Diagnostics in C Scheme, Jaipur


People engaged in sports or strenuous physical activities experience constant wear and tear. If the tear occurs on the rotator cuff in the shoulder, you would need to undergo a rotator cuff repair.

What is the meaning of a rotator cuff repair?

Tendons and muscles form the rotator cuff that covers the top of the shoulder joints. They act as a link between the arms and joints, facilitating the joints to move. Here a surgeon fixes the damage in the tendons, using a traditional method (large incisions) or shoulder Arthroscopy (small incisions).

When to see a doctor at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur?

You should visit a doctor if you face any of the following:

  • You experience extreme shoulder pain that does not reduce with exercises for three to four months.
  • Your shoulder feels stiff, and you cannot do your daily chores.
  • You are into sports and experienced an accidental injury in the shoulder that has made tears in the rotator cuff.
  • No amount of physiotherapy has worked for you.

In these cases, your doctor will probably recommend you to go for rotator cuff repair.

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What are the preparations you have to take before a rotator cuff repair at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur?

- Your doctor will get a detailed account of what medicines you take daily.

- You will be asked to stop smoking if you are a smoker for a minimum of two weeks before the surgery.

- You will also require to stop drinking for two weeks.

- Your doctor will ask you to discontinue blood-thinning medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin for some time.

- Your doctor will prescribe you medical drugs that you need to take on the day of the surgery.

- If you have a heart problem, diabetes, or other serious illnesses, your doctor will ask you to consult with the specialist once.

- If you have fever, herpes, flu, or cold due to the weather, tell your doctor to postpone the surgery.

What does the doctor do during the rotator cuff procedure at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur?

-You will ideally be asked to fast the day before surgery.

- Your doctor will give you general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.

- You will need to have some medicine that the doctor asks you to take.

- Your doctor will operate on you with either of the three techniques if you have a tear in your rotator cuff:

  1. Mini open repair:

    - The doctor will repair the tear by inserting an arthroscope in the 3-inch incision.

    - The doctor takes out any damaged cells, bone spurs, or crippled tissues.

  2. Open Repair:

    - The doctor makes an incision large enough to take out the deltoid muscle and undergo the repair procedure.

    - Doctors perform this surgical procedure when there are complicated large tears on the rotator cuff.

  3. Shoulder Arthroscopy:

    - Using an arthroscope, the doctor views the tears on the monitor.

    - He inserts the arthroscope through a small incision.

    - Two or three other cuts are made to fix the tears.

    - The doctor will attach the tendons back to the bone.

    - The doctor will use a suture on the anchors that tie the tendon and the bone together.

    - The doctor at last stitches the cut points. He will then bandage the area.

What will recovery look like after a rotator cuff repair?

  • You will wear a sling after the hospital discharges you.
  • Your doctor may even ask you to wear a shoulder immobilizer to reduce the movement.
  • You will need to wear them for at least four to six months.
  • The pain relievers your doctor prescribes will keep all discomfort at bay.
  • You will need to undergo physiotherapy regularly to relieve stiffness in the area and for a faster recovery.


Usually, if icing and rest fail to treat your rotator cuff pain, your doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs. If none of them works, you will require to undergo rotator cuff repair surgery. If you have questions about the surgery, your doctor will guide you and tell you all the details about the procedure.

What will happen if you don't fix the rotator cuff tear?

If you do not fix the rotator cuff tear, you will experience excruciating pain. This pain will get severe, and the region will become stiffer, restricting you from moving your arms and joints freely. Sometimes, small tears can turn into larger ones when you don't fix them.

How long should you wait to get a rotator cuff repair?

Initially, your doctor will suggest you go for physiotherapy. If you get proper rest and do not recover, a rotator cuff repair surgery is ideal. If you delay it for more than six months, the area will get severely damaged.

What exercises to avoid after rotator cuff repair?

Do not do vigorous exercises like swimming or throwing a ball. You will need maximum rest of four to six months. Do only those exercises that your doctor asks you to do. You will need to undergo physiotherapy too.

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