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Tennis Elbow

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Tennis Elbow Treatment in C-scheme, Jaipur

Tennis elbow is a painful condition that occurs due to inflammation of the bones that make your elbow joint. The pain and inflammation of the bones may occur due to excessive use. The pain occurs on the outer side of the joint but may spread to the whole arm.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow causes pain in the elbow joint due to its overuse. The pain occurs due to inflammation of the bones.

What Are The Causes Of Tennis Elbow?

The most important cause of tennis elbow is damage to the forearm muscle. The damage may occur due to excessive use of the muscle. It causes wear and tear of the muscle which causes pain. Tennis elbow occurs when a person makes repetitive use of the wrist such as while playing tennis, golf, using a computer, or screwdriver, and swimming.

What Symptoms Are Experienced In Tennis Elbow?

The important symptoms experienced in tennis elbow are:

  • Pain in the elbow may increase with time
  • Pain may spread lower in the arm
  • Unable to hold things properly
  • Pain aggravates when closing a fist
  • Pain when trying to lift an object or opening something

How Is The Diagnosis Made Of The Tennis Elbow at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur?

Your doctor will do a physical examination and will ask about your personal history. Your doctor may also ask for simple tests to make a diagnosis.

The health care physician may check the level of pain by applying pressure on a particular spot. You may feel pain in the elbow joint when it is in the extended position. Your doctor may also ask you to go for an X-ray or MRI to diagnose the condition.

What Are The Treatment Options For Tennis Elbow at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur?

The following treatment options are available for tennis elbow:

Non-surgical treatments

Nonsurgical treatments for tennis elbow include:

  • Avoid putting pressure on your arm for a few weeks. Your doctor may ask you to wear a brace to keep your arm in a stable position.
  • Apply ice packs for reducing pain and inflammation
  • Your doctor may prescribe over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for reducing pain and inflammation
  • Your doctor will send you to the physical therapist for learning exercises that will enhance the strength of muscles and will help in quick healing.
  • Your doctor may inject a steroid directly into your arm at a particular spot.

Surgical treatment

Surgery is recommended when you fail to get relief from other treatments. Surgery is done by making a big incision or inserting an instrument into your joint. Surgery is done for removing damaged tissue.

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What Are The Preventive Tips For Tennis Elbow?

You can follow the given tips to prevent it:

  • Use the right techniques while doing any particular work or sport
  • Keep doing exercise that helps to increase the strength and flexibility of muscles in your arm
  • Apply ice on the forearm and elbow joint after doing strenuous physical work
  • Rest your arm if you experience slight pain while bending


Tennis elbow is a condition that occurs due to excessive use of muscles of your arm. The pain may occur due to inflammation of the muscles that join at your elbow joint. Non-surgical and surgical treatments are available for tennis elbow. 

Can my tennis elbow be treated without surgery?

Yes, it is possible to treat tennis elbow without surgery. Many non-surgical treatment options such as icing, NSAIDs, exercise, physiotherapy, etc are available for treating tennis elbow. Surgery is only recommended as a last option when other treatments fail to give relief.

When can I start playing tennis again?

Your doctor will give you medication for reducing pain and inflammation. He will also ask you to do physical therapy for increasing the strength of your muscles. You can start playing tennis again once your range of motion increases and you do not have pain and inflammation.

If I do not play tennis, can I still suffer from tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow can occur due to excessive and repetitive use of the wrist that puts pressure on the muscles of your arm. It can affect if you are a painter, work too much on a computer, or use a screwdriver regularly. 


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