Bariatric surgery is a procedure, which can lead to weight loss by restricting the amount of food that goes inside your body. It causes malabsorption of the nutrients to ensure weight loss. This treatment is designed for severe obesity. If you are someone who is unable to lose weight despite trying all the methods, you can consult our doctor regarding bariatric surgery in Jaipur, at Apollo Spectra.

What are the principles of bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery works on two principles, i.e., restriction and malabsorption.
The restriction is when the surgery helps limit the amount of food that the stomach can take. This ensures that the calorie consumption also reduces.
Malabsorption here, surgery helps shorten or bypass the small intestine, which leads to a reduction in the number of calories that the body absorbs.

What are the most common bariatric surgeries performed at Apollo Spectra Jaipur?

1. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

This is one of the most common surgeries preferred for weight loss, where it accounts for almost 47% of the bariatric surgeries. This surgery is divided into two parts.
Part I During the first part of the procedure, your surgeon will make a division between the stomach- large portion and a small portion. This procedure is also sometimes known as stomach stapling as the stomach is sewed or stapled with each other, in order to create a pouch-like structure, which cannot hold more than 1 ounce of food.

Part II is the bypass surgery. Here, the doctor will disassociate the small pouch with most of the stomach and also the first portion of the small intestine. Then, this pouch is connected to the intestine further down. This helps reduction in the amounts of calories absorbed by your system.

2. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding

During this surgery, a band is placed inside the upper part of the stomach. This band contains an inflatable balloon-like structure. This leads to the creation of a small pouch on the upper side of the band, making sure the width to the rest of the stomach narrows down. A port is connected to the skin beneath the abdomen. This tube is connected to the band. Through injections, the balloon can be inflated and by removing the fluid, it can be deflated. This surgery is intended for weight loss as it restricts the quantity of food that your stomach can hold. This will make you feel full; sooner, however, it doesn’t reduce the absorption of the calories.
3. Sleeve Gastrectomy

Also known as vertical gastrectomy, it is a weight loss procedure through surgery. During this procedure, traditionally a laparoscope is used as small instruments are inserted in the upper abdomen, through multiple tiny incisions. In this procedure, almost 80% of the stomach is removed. All that remains is a stomach that is shaped like a tube and resembles a banana.
When you limit the intake of the food, it reduced the number of calories consumed. Also, in this procedure, hormonal changes occur, which further leads to weight loss. These hormonal changes also help reverse the condition caused by obesity, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.
This surgery is for people suffering from;

  • Obesity
  • Diseases related to obesity
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Infertility

It is generally performed after having tried all the other weight loss methods with zero success. More importantly, this procedure is the right choice for you if;

  • Your Body Mass Index or BMI score is either 40 or higher. This shows severe obesity.
  • If your BMI score is between 35 and 39.9, it means you are obese, and you may opt for weight loss surgery.
  • If you want to know more, you can visit your nearest Apollo Spectra for more information. However, despite undergoing a surgery, if you don’t make healthy lifestyle choices, you will not achieve success.
How much weight can you lose with bariatric surgery?

The amount of weight loss is not the same for everybody. It differs from person to person. It is also important to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices, post-surgery. This includes regular exercise, healthy eating, abstaining from harmful habits, etc. You can also talk to your doctor on the diet you must follow and the exercises you must do. So, the weight loss completely depends on you. When you combine the surgery with a healthy lifestyle, you can reach your goal weight.

Why Apollo Spectra?

Being extremely obese can rob you of your chance to lead life happily and healthily. It not only reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases but also helps you become more confident. We understand this. Therefore, we provide the best bariatric surgery in Jaipur. Our surgeons are highly skilled and come with a vast experience. With a dedicated team always there to support you, you will receive excellent health care. So, to know more or for a consultation, visit our center today.