Piles Doctor in Jaipur

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids is a  common condition caused by the swelling and expanding of veins near the anus and rectum. The swelling or expansion of veins can occur as a result of irritated bowel movements and cause pain and bleeding during motions. This condition can be very painful and cause a great deal of discomfort. To many, seeing a doctor for piles could be embarrassing, you need to know that it is a very common ailment that can be managed quite effectively. Surgeons at Apollo Spectra are highly experienced in treating piles or hemorrhoids and treat several hundred patients each year.

What are the different causes of Piles?
Piles is a common condition and may be caused by a number of different reasons. Some common causes of Haemorrhoids include-

  • Chronic Constipation– People who have chronic constipation due to gastrointestinal problems may suffer from piles, given the amount of pressure they have to put to relieve themselves.
  • Doing strenuous work or lifting heavy weights- Lifting a heavyweight or exerting yourself in strenuous work can also put extra pressure on the anus or rectum, causing swollen veins and ultimately hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy– Pregnancy is associated with hormonal changes. A woman’s body goes through a number of hormonal changes and the strain may also result in hemorrhoids.
  • Some other causes may include-
    • Obesity
    • Anal intercourse
    • Low-fiber diet
    • Straining while bowel movement
What are the different types of piles?
Internal piles is a condition that begins inside your anal canal and might protrude out of your anus. There are different types of internal piles based on the whether they protrude out and if they do, to what extent they come out of your anus. Here are the different types of internal piles-

  1. First degree piles- In this case, bleeding may occur but they don’t hang out of your anus.
  2. Second-degree piles- In this case, piles protrude out of your anus during a bowel movement but go back inside the anus on their own.
  3. Third Degree Piles- In this case, piles come out of your anus and you have to physically push them back inside.
  4. Four-degree piles- In this case, the piles keep hanging out of your anus and it is not possible to push them back in. This can cause great pain and swelling.

Besides internal piles, there are external piles as well which develop even closer to your anus. In case a blood clot develops inside these, they can turn extremely painful and need to be treated by a medical professional.

At Apollo Spectra, Jaipur, we provide effective treatments for all different types of piles. Our team of doctors works hard to ensure your speedy recovery from this painful condition.

What are the symptoms of Piles?
Piles may or may not show symptoms, but if you experience the following, you must see a doctor immediately-

  1. Bleeding during a bowel movement
  2. Mucus like or slimy discharge from the anus
  3. A lump around the anus
  4. A feeling of discomfort in your anus
  5. Pain and discomfort in your anus after passing stool
  6. Itching in the anus
What Piles treatment options are available at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Jaipur?

Piles or Haemorrhoids often go away on their own, however, if you are faced with bleeding or constant discomfort, you must seek hospital treatment for the condition. At Apollo Spectra Hospital, Jaipur, we provide the following treatments for Piles-

  • Sclerotherapy- Under this treatment, a solution is injected into the piles so that they shrink. It usually takes 6 weeks for the piles to shrink.
  • Ligation– Under this procedure, a small rubber band is tied around the piles to cut off the blood supply to the piles which cause them to shed off in some time.
  • Haemorrhoidectomy– This is a surgery performed to cut off the piles.
  • Stapled haemorrhoidopexy– This is a surgery performed to staple the piles back into their original place.
Why Apollo Spectra?

Piled doctors at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur use the most advanced techniques for the treatment of the different types of Haemorrhoids. The doctors clinically examine and diagnose the type of piles you have and with their years of experience in the field, suggest the most suited treatments for you. We at Apollo Spectra aim at providing comprehensive care for those who are dealing with hemorrhoids and ensure a speedy recovery for all.