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Best Adenoidectomy Treatment & Diagnostics in Nehru Enclave, Delhi

Adenoid removal, also called adenoidectomy, is a normal clinical operation performed to remove the adenoids. 

The adenoids are organs located at the roof of the mouth, where the nose meets the throat.

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Who qualifies for adenoidectomy?

Adenoidectomy is usually performed on children between the ages of one and seven. When a child reaches the age of seven, the adenoids begin to diminish, and they are regarded as minor organs in adults.

If you suspect that your child has adenoids due to difficulties with breathing, ears or intermittent sinus illness, you should consult your primary care physician. Following the health history, the expert will examine your child's adenoids, either with an X-beam or with a small camera placed in your child's nose.

If his or her adenoids appear to be enlarged, your physician may recommend that the adenoids be excised.

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Why is adenoidectomy conducted?

Adenoids can grow in size as a result of recurring throat infections. Adenoids can restrict breathing and obstruct the eustachian tubes, which link the middle ear to the back of the nose. A small number of children are born with enlarged adenoids. Ear contaminations are caused by clogged eustachian tubes, which might damage your child's hearing and respiratory health.

How is adenoidectomy performed?

Before the medical treatment, your child will be sedated. This means your child will be asleep and unable to experience pain.

A specialist inserts a little device inside your child's mouth to keep it open.

The adenoid organs are removed by the specialist using a spoon-shaped instrument (curette). Alternatively, another device that aids in the removal of fragile tissue may be used.

A few professionals use electricity to warm the tissue, remove it and stop it from bleeding. This is known as electrocautery. Another method deploys radiofrequency (RF) radiation to achieve the same result. This is known as coblation. A debrider, a cutting device, can also be used to remove the adenoid tissue.

To control bleeding, a spongy substance known as pressing material might be used.

Following a medical procedure, your child will be kept in a recovery room. You will be allowed to take your child home after he or she is aware and able to inhale, hack and swallow properly. Generally, this will occur a few hours after the medical treatment.

Your child will be given general anesthesia before surgery. This means your child will be asleep and unable to feel pain.

What are the benefits of adenoidectomy?

After an adenoidectomy, a child can recover completely with fewer respiratory and ear problems. As he or she recovers, your child may experience an itchy throat, ear infections, bad breath or a stuffy nose.

What are the risks of adenoidectomy?

The risks of an adenoidectomy are uncommon, although they may include:

  • Excessive bleeding (extremely uncommon)
  • Changes in voice quality 
  • Infection
  • Anesthetics risks

Which expert should I consult if I spots signs of enlarged and contaminated adenoids?

You should consult an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist.

Is removal of the adenoids a hindrance to the immune system?

Adenoids provide a little amount of resistance. As a result, adenoid ejection does not affect a child's resistance to illness.

Would my adenoids be visible?

No, they cannot be viewed directly.

What are the signs of an adenoid Infection?

Adenoid contamination can replicate some viral symptoms. For example, your child might have a sore throat or a stuffy nose. These side effects may or may not be present:

  • dreadful breath
  • infection of the ears
  • breathing via the nose is inconvenient
  • wheezing
  • swollen glands in the neck


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