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Cervical Biopsy

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Best Cervical Biopsy Treatment & Diagnostics in Nehru Enclave, Delhi

Overview of Cervical Biopsy

A Cervical Biopsy treatment in Delhi is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, done after closely examining your cervix, vulva, and vagina for any signs or marks of disease, which is another procedure called Colposcopy. At the time of Cervical Biopsy, your doctor uses a special type of forceps to remove one or multiple small samples of tissue around your cervix. If he removes cells from the inside of your cervical canal, he’ll be using a special tool known as an endocervical brush or endocervical curettage.   

When your doctor finds your Pap or pelvic exam results abnormal, he may recommend you for a cervical biopsy to discover the actual problem. At the time of colposcopy at the Cervical Biopsy hospital near me, if an unusual area of cells is discovered by your doctor, he may remove a small amount of tissue from the cervix for laboratory testing, which is called a cervical biopsy. 

About Cervical Biopsy

During the colposcopy, your Cervical Biopsy specialist near me will find out the type, size and location of the abnormal cells to decide which area or areas require a biopsy. Now from this suspicious area(s), he will collect a small sample of tissue from your cervix for laboratory testing. To cut a small sample of the tissue, he will use a sharp instrument, especially meant to do biopsies. If you have developed multiple suspicious areas, your doctor is likely to take multiple biopsy samples. When Cervical Biopsy treatment in Delhi is conducted, you might feel mild discomfort, which is usually not painful along with some cramping or pressure.

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Who is a Good Candidate For Cervical Biopsy?

If you experience any of the following conditions, a Cervical Biopsy specialist in Delhi suggests that your doctor would recommend you a cervical biopsy to confirm the issue.

  • If your cervical cancer screening tests, such as Pap smear testing, are abnormal, showing the presence of precancerous cells or HPV, i.e. human papillomavirus. However, there are a few HPV types that carry the risk of giving rise to cervical cancer.
  • If any abnormal areas are seen on your vagina, cervix, or vulva.   

Why is Cervical Biopsy Done?

The main reasons why a Cervical Biopsy specialist in Delhi conducts the biopsy is to diagnose:

  • Inflammation of your cervix or cervicitis.
  • Your polyps or genital warts, which are noncancerous formations on the cervix. 
  • Precancerous alterations in the tissues of your vagina.
  • Precancerous alterations in the tissue of your cervix.
  • Precancerous alterations of your vulva.
  • Development of cervical/vulvar/vaginal cancer.

Benefits of Undergoing a cervical Biopsy

The benefit of undergoing a cervical biopsy as suggested by Cervical Biopsy doctors near me is that it detects abnormal cells in your cervix, which if not treated on time may develop into cancer. If the biopsy results confirm the presence of abnormal cells in your cervix, your doctor will remove those parts of your cervix, which contain these cells before cancer develops. Hence, cervical biopsy reduces the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Risks Associated With Cervical Biopsy procedure

Cervical Biopsy doctors in Delhi believe that this biopsy is a relatively safer procedure with very few risks. It is a rare occasion when complications arise from biopsies taken during colposcopy. But, since it is a surgical procedure, it may have certain usual risks, including:

  • Infection.
  • Heavy Bleeding.
  • Pelvic Pain.
  • Fever.
  • Yellow, heavy, stinky vaginal discharge.

If you show the following signs and symptoms after your biopsy that may be an indication of complications, you must immediately call your doctor for help.

  • Chills.
  • Fever.
  • Bleeding, much heavier than what you normally experience during your period.
  • Severe abdominal pain.

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How long do cervical biopsy results take to come?

Usually, the Cervical Biopsy hospital in Delhi takes about 4 weeks to deliver the cervical biopsy result.

Who can perform a cervical biopsy?

Your doctor or a gynecologist at a Cervical Biopsy hospital in Delhi performs a cervical biopsy.

How long does the cervix take to heal after the biopsy?

Cervical Biopsy doctors in Delhi say that your cervix may take around 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely after undergoing a cervical biopsy.


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