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Deviated Septum

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Deviated Septum Surgery in Nehru Enclave, Delhi

When our nasal passage is being blocked by a crooked septum, difficulty in breathing is the primary symptom. Many people suffer from uneven breathing, but sometimes it goes unnoticed or not taken seriously. This can be caused by what is known as a deviated septum. 

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What is a deviated septum? 

There is a thin wall of cartilage and bone between the nostrils called the septum. If this septum is tilted towards the one side, then it is called deviated septum. This may be due to a birth defect or a result of a nose injury. 

What are the symptoms?

  • You will find difficulty in breathing through the nose
  • You will be having nasal congestion
  • You will hear complaints about your loud or abnormal snoring
  • You may observe blood coming out of your nose
  • You may suffer from a sinus infection
  • Your nasal passage turns dry frequently
  • You will have facial pain
  • You will have sleep disorders
  • You will suffer from frequent headaches
  • You will be having difficulty in breathing through the nose while sleeping

What causes deviated septum?

It can be a birth defect or can develop due to some injury or trauma to the nose. Age can be a factor too. In such cases, consult an ENT specialist in New Delhi at the earliest.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Normally, symptoms may go unnoticed, but when you suffer from nosebleeds or severe headaches, then it is necessary to visit an ENT doctor.

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How is deviated septum treated?

There are two ways in which deviated septum may be treated according to your symptoms and diagnosis performed by your specialist.

Non-surgical Treatment: Medication is one option that may be suggested as per your symptoms and diagnosis.   

Septoplasty: It’s a surgery to correct deviated septum during which your surgeon cuts and removes the septum to place it in a proper position. Rhinoplasty, surgery to reshape your nose, can also be suggested.


If you feel uncomfortable breathing and it is not being cured with any remedies, consult an ENT specialist as soon as possible.

Can surgical treatment change my nose’s shape?

During a surgical procedure, the septum is being cut and reshaped. Hence, it is a possibility that the shape of your nose may change.

Is a decreasing sense of smell also a symptom of deviated septum?

Yes, if your septum is bent, then it will result in blockage of the nose which will create difficulty in breathing. Similarly, your smelling senses may also be disturbed because of the blocked nasal passage.

Can I live with deviated septum?

It can impact daily life. Hence, you should consult doctors.


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