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Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics in Nehru Enclave, Delhi

Prostate Cancer

Introduction to prostate cancer

The prostate gland is a male reproductive organ that helps to propel fluids within the urine tube or urethra. It nourishes the circulating sperm within the semen.

The cells within the prostate tissue may grow abnormally, triggered by an unknown factor to form cancerous tissue.

The cells divide uncontrollably, compressing surrounding organs and tissues thereby causing symptoms to your body.

The best cancer specialist in Delhi will guide you in managing this condition.

Types of prostate cancer

  • Benign prostate cancer: Benign signifies one which is not harmful and is curable. Cancer that stays within the gland is termed benign.
  • Metastatic prostate cancer: When the cancer tissue starts spreading to other organs through blood or other body fluids it is known as metastatic or spreading.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

  • You may face difficulties in urination with pain.
  • Your urine may sometimes have blood.
  • You may have unexplained weight loss.
  • One may have bone pain.
  • There may be blood in your semen.
  • One may also experience erectile dysfunction.

Causes of prostate cancer

  • Prostate cancer has no known cause.
  • Genetic predisposition has been termed a significant cause. If you do have a family history of cancer, you must consult your cancer specialist.
  • Some individuals have a tendency of their DNA for mutations in the body cells that start growing abnormally, causing cancer.

When to see a doctor?

Difficulty in urinating is the first sign that you must consult your doctor to rule out and manage any disease at an early stage. Furthermore, unexplained weight loss is another indicator to seek your doctor's advice.

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Risk factors for prostate cancer

  • Older age: Men aged above 50 years have a higher chance of developing prostate cancer.
  • Race: There has been sufficient evidence to prove that individuals who are non-white or brown have an increased chance of prostate cancer than their white counterparts.
  • Family history: Your chances of having cancer may increase when there is a family history of cancer especially breast cancer. One must take care and get themselves regularly checked for any such possibility.

Possible complications of prostate cancer

  • Incontinence: Increased difficulty in urination or subsequent loss of bladder control has been seen in long-standing cases of prostate cancer. Your urologist will put you on a urethral catheter to drain urine out at regular intervals.
  • Metastasis: The cancerous cells may outgrow from the prostate gland into the surrounding organs by spreading through your blood or lymphatic system. This is known as metastasis. This is proven to be more harmful and fatal at times.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Penile function may get affected in the long run as the prostate gland is not able to push out the semen. This causes loss of penile erection. Surgery or medications may help to a certain extent.

Prevention of prostate cancer

  • Active healthy lifestyle: You must aim for an active life and a healthy body. 
  • Avoid intake of alcohol and cigarettes in any form.
  • Exercise: Schedule yourself for exercise nearly all days of the week in the form of cycling, yoga, walking, dancing and swimming.
  • Diet: Maintain a balance of good quality fruits and vegetables that help the body get all kinds of nutrients as well as hydration.
  • Avoid dietary supplements. Taking food in its natural form is more recommended than external supplements.

Remedies / Treatments for prostate cancer

  • Active Surveillance: Your doctor will closely monitor the growth of prostate cancer for any further complications.
  • Radiation therapy: Radiation is used to reduce the number of cancer cells.
  • Surgery: Known as Prostatectomy, here the cancerous tissue is removed and sometimes the gland entirely.
  • Other measures include:
    • Cryotherapy
    • Hormone therapy
    • Immunotherapy
    • Stereotactic Radiosurgery

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Prostate cancer is common in men above 50 years but is preventable through simple measures like diet and exercise. You must take care to check yourself routinely for any risks of getting prostate cancer.

My father has prostate cancer. Can I get it too?

There is a chance of acquiring prostate cancer if you have a family history but you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and talk to your cancer specialist.

Is prostate cancer curable?

Yes to a certain extent but there are high chances of relapse due to the spread of cancer to other organs of your body.

Does having more sex prevent prostate cancer?

There is not much evidence to prove this but one should aim for a healthy sexual life.

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