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Regrow Treatment & Diagnostics in Nehru Enclave, Delhi


OrthoBiologics or regenerative medicine uses your body cells to heal the damaged tissues, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Cell-based therapy stimulates blood vessel growth, collagen synthesis, or matrix synthesis. It helps to control your symptoms and naturally inhibits pain receptors. It uses several treatments that include your plasma, stem cells, and growth factors to fasten the healing process. Visit an orthopedic specialist near you to get more information about this developing technology.

About Regrow therapy

Regrow therapy includes the extraction of naturally occurring substances from your body and using them to treat non-healing wounds. This therapy induces tissue regeneration and provides relief from pain and inflammation. Regrow therapy also stimulates the healing process and improves functions of your musculoskeletal system. Since it is still an innovative therapy with ongoing research, you must consult an orthopedic specialist in Delhi about the treatment and the procedure. 

Who qualifies for regrowing therapy?

During injury in an area, bleeding is the main healing factor responsible for the healing process. Many growth factors also work during the healing process. You might need the regrow therapy under the following condition:

  • Pain in hips, knee, or joints
  • Pain while lying down
  • Restricted motion of the affected joints
  • Limping motion while walking
  • Swelling and stiffness in the joints

An orthopedic specialist in Delhi will explain the procedure and use of stem cells and growth factors for healing severe injuries.

What type of injuries does regrow therapy treat?

Various injuries can be treated by the regrow therapy like:

  • Avascular Necrosis- It is the death of the bone tissues in the hip joint due to lack of blood supply.
  • Cartilage damage- Due to sports injuries, trauma, accidents, or aging, the cartilage in your joints might get damaged.
  • Meniscus tears- Regrow therapy treats Meniscus (cushion-like structure in your knee) that cannot heal by itself.
  • Non-healing fractures- If you have a fracture that is wrongly united, you will need regrow therapy.
  • Spinal disc degeneration- Many age-related changes around your spine can result in spinal disc degeneration. Regrow therapy helps to heal your spinal cord.

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How is regrow therapy conducted?

There are two many ways of regenerative medicine or regrow therapy:

  • Bone Cell therapy- In this therapy, the bone marrow of the patient must be extracted. The isolated bone cells are cultured in the laboratory and then implanted in the damaged bone. Healthy bone tissues replace the lost bones and preserve the joints.
  • Cartilage cell therapy- Cartilage cannot heal itself since they lack blood supply. This cell therapy extracts healthy cartilage from the patient. Cartilage cells are isolated and cultured in the laboratory. After cartilage implantation in your body, new cartilage will grow at the defective site and remove the damaged cartilage.
  • Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) – It extracts your bone marrow from the pelvic bone. It follows the extraction of liquid rich in cells, stem cells, and growth factors. This liquid quickens the healing process when injected into the affected parts of your body.

After the regrow therapy

After the regrow therapy, you will regain the mobility of the joints. It is necessary to have a regular follow-up to resume normal activities.

Risks or complications related to regrow therapy

Although regrow therapy is a safe procedure, yet there are some risks associated with it like:

  • Pain and discomfort at the site of implantation
  • Swelling
  • infection

Benefits of the regrow therapy

Various benefits of using regrow therapy are:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Eliminated the need for replacement of the bones or joints
  • It is a natural treatment since it uses your cells
  • Tackles with the root cause of the disease


Regenerative medicine is a developing medical approach in orthopedics. It uses stem cells and growth factors to enhance the healing process in your body. Since it includes implantation of your cells, there is a minimum risk of rejection and leads to the cure of non-healing injuries. You need to consult an experienced orthopedic specialist in Delhi to discuss the procedure and possible outcomes.






Is it true that regenerative cell therapy or regrow therapy works effectively?

Regenerative cell therapy or regrow therapy works effectively by triggering damaged tissues in your bodies to repair themselves.

How long do these stem cell injections work?

These stem cell injections work effectively for one year. In some patients, they can work for several years.

Is regenerative medicine a permanent solution?

Regenerative medicine is a permanent repair for the treatment of soft tissue injuries. For other types of damage, it can provide relief for a couple of years.

After how long does regenerative medicine start working in your body?

After stem cell transplant in your body, it takes around one month or more to see the changes in your medical conditions.

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