Benefits of Bariatric Surgery You Did Not Know

October 6, 2017

Bariatric Surgery or ‘weight loss surgery’ as it is popularly known, is a surgical procedure used to control weight gain and eventually reduce overall weight. It is an effective method to monitor health complications for those suffering from morbid obesity. A bariatric surgery is helpful in controlling conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, joint pain, and depression.

Bariatric surgery is usually referred to people who are extremely overweight, to such an extent that their weight becomes a health hazard if left untreated. During the surgery, a part of the stomach is either removed or reduced; or alternatively, the intestines are operated upon. With this, the capacity of the stomach to absorb food is restricted, thereby reducing its intake. This gradually results in weight loss.

Along with this, by adopting the right lifestyle and diet, the effect of surgery lasts for a long time, implying that the lost weight does not find its way back that easily.

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What are the benefits of Bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is safe and effective. Along with weight loss, a bariatric surgery has the following advantages:

  1. Long-term weight loss
  2. Improves metabolic syndrome, i.e; conditions like high BP, sugar, cholesterol and body fat are reduced
  3. Sleep disorders caused due to overweight issues, like Sleep Apnoea, are reduced, and eventually resolved
  4. Breathing difficulties, like asthma, are looked into
  5. Joint pain caused due to excessive strain on the muscles is reduced effectively. This strain usually occurs due to the pressure levied by one’s weight, which is reduced post the surgery (read more)
  6. Reduces the risk of developing heart diseases or heart attacks
  7. Increases chances of fertility (in the childbearing years)
  8. Improved cardiovascular activity
  9. Cost-effective treatment- considering that the surgery prevents high health risks such as blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases, the benefits of the surgery far outweigh the costs incurred for it
  10. Improves overall quality of life

Who can benefit from a bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is beneficial for all patients desiring weight loss with long-lasting effects. It is the most beneficial for patients between 18-65 years, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is more than 37.5. This surgery is further recommended for people with a BMI of 32.5 (or more), who have serious weight-related issues, such as high BP, arthritis, heart diseases, and diabetes. According to studies, almost 84% of the diabetics have monitored their sugar levels through a weight loss surgery.

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In a country like India, which is the diabetic capital of the world, a bariatric surgery has performed wonders in regulating health complications due to diabetes. The benefits of bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery far outweigh its risks, side effects, complications, or negative effects.

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