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Exercises for Groin Hernia (Inguinal Hernia)

Exercises for Groin Hernia (Inguinal Hernia)

A groin hernia can appear as a swelling or lump in the groin area. When a person has weak abdomen muscles due to any reason, fatty tissues or a part of intestine pokes out of it in the groin area and is called as a groin hernia. Lifting heavy items or putting constant pressure on abdominal muscles makes them weak and can lead to this problem. It may also be present from the time of birth due to heredity or structural defects.Groin hernia patients suffer constant pain or discomfort in the groin area.

Simple exercises for preventing Groin Hernia:

Patients must indulge into some simple exercises to gradually make the abdominal muscles stronger. Few of these exercises are listed below:

1. Pillow Squeeze: This exercise is done using the thigh muscles. Lie down flat on the floor, bend your knees. Hold a pillow between your knees and inhale. While exhaling, squeeze the pillow slowly with both knees. Repeat this exercise 20 times a day.

2. Shoulder Bridge: Continue in the same position with a pillow between your knees and exhale. Now, raise your waist area, keeping your arms resting on the floor for support. Try to make a straight line from your shoulder to the knees. Inhale as you reach the maximum limit. Come down to the initial position with a pillow between your knees. Repeat this exercise 20times a day.

3. Stretching the hamstring muscles: Lie down flat on the floor with your knees bent. Make sure that your head and chin are at same level. Now, lift one leg, keeping the other leg bent on the floor. Try pulling the lifted leg towards yourself with a towel looping your foot in it. Do it till you feel a bit of stretch in your hamstring muscles. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Bring it back to the starting position. Now, repeat the exercise with each leg for 10 times daily.

4. Opening the knee: Continue lying flat on the floor, with knees bent and inhale. While exhaling, open one of your knees sideways. Take it slowly towards the floor as much as possible. Now bring the knee back. Repeat the same procedure with the other knee. Repeat this exercise for 5times a day. During the whole exercise, keep your pelvis still.

5. Roll your hips: In the same position with knees bent, keep your feet apart. Keep your arms out on either side straight and breath in. Now roll over your hips on right side slowly while exhaling gradually. Bring your knees sideways together. Repeat the same process towards the left side. Repeat this exercise for 10 times a day initially, increasing up to 20 times.

All the above exercises are meant to engage your pelvic area, hamstring muscles, and abdominal area and strengthening it all together. These exercises should be done accompanied with a daily walk of 45 minutes to get the best outcome. This improves co-ordination between the abdomen and pelvic muscles.

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