Food Guide for Hiatal Hernia Patients

February 20, 2017

Food Guide for Hiatal Hernia Patients


A hiatal hernia is observed when a part of stomach muscle pops out in the chest region through a weakened diaphragm muscle. Due to this disease, the patient experiences reflux of stomach acids into the esophagus. This gives a burning sensation in the chest and throat. Foods which lead to gastric upset can aggravate the symptoms of a hiatal hernia. Therefore, the patients need to keep track of their diet so that the problem remains at bay.

Foods to be avoided in a Hiatal Hernia:

1. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapes must be avoided as they can cause heartburn problems due to sour taste.
2. Spicy and fried food preparations
3. Vegetables like Onion and garlic, tomatoes, chilli must be avoided. Food items prepared using these ingredients must be avoided to get rid of acidity issues.
4. Using too much of oil and butter in food preparation should be avoided.
5. Large quantities of caffeine must be avoided and the intake of tea/coffee must be reduced.
6. Carbonated drinks, chocolates, and peppermint can also aggravate the symptoms.
7. High-fat dairy products and milk must be avoided.

Food that is good for Hiatal Hernia patients:

1. Low-fat food items and dairy products are preferable. Patients can have skimmed milk or yogurt.
2. A lot of water intake is necessary. Patients are told to have as much water as they could.
3. Whole grain food items like Brown Bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta are a good source of fibre. This would help overcome the problem of constipation.
4. Baked/broiled items are preferably better to be consumed rather than fried items.
5. Green and leafy vegetables rich in Vitamin B and calcium must be included in the diet. Eg: Broccoli, spinach, capsicum.
6. Apple and bananas are the most preferred fruits for hiatal hernia patients as they are known to reduce acid production in the stomach.