Is COVID-19 a threat to Asthma patients?

May 11, 2021

Asthma being a chronic lung disease, it is believed that people with asthma are more affected with COVID-19. Asthma patients are extra sensitive to what they are exposed to in the environment like dust, smoke, chemicals, or even a small weather change. All these factors could be a trigger to them, and can swell up the inside of their airways, making it tougher for them to breathe, which leads to an asthma attack.

Are people with asthma at a higher risk to develop COVID-19?

Asthma and COVID-19, are both conditions that affect the lungs. But there is a lack of evidence that says, people with asthma are more susceptible to COVID-19. Based on research, there are no high numbers of hospitalizations or deaths in people with asthma. People with conditions like obesity, diabetes, or immunosuppression are at a greater threat for COVID-19 than those with asthma. However, symptoms of COVID-19 may be more evident in asthma patients, so an asthma patient must continue to follow his/her prescribed medication to avoid any complications.

What are the precautions an asthma patient must take amidst COVID-19?

Stay away from the asthma triggers: Asthma triggers could be different for different patients. Allergies, pollens, bad weather, some food, and more could all be triggers that cause an asthma attack.  Recognizing what are the particular triggers for an asthma patient is necessary to prevent or handle an asthma attack.

Follow the medication: A prescribed medication for asthma, including inhalers can help in controlling the disease and therefore, limiting the chances of any further complications. Some studies say that treatment for asthma might limit the virus’s ability to attack the lungs.

Wear a mask: Wearing a mask is not harmful to an asthma patient, rather it helps in preventing the transmission of coronavirus. But always ensure that you wear masks made with breathable fabric to avoid exertion while breathing.

Choose the right disinfectant: While you choose any cleaning agent or disinfectant ensure that they do not act as a trigger.

Travel only during emergencies: It’s better to avoid non-essential traveling as the risk of exposure to the virus and other harmful agents in the outside environment are high.

Avoid poorly ventilated rooms: Poorly ventilated rooms make it difficult for an asthma patient to breathe. It could also cause psychological stress in an asthma patient. So staying in a well-ventilated and disinfected room is necessary.

Though there is no evidence or statistics that show that asthma patients are more likely to get infected by Coronavirus, they must continue to follow their regular medications. In this situation of a lockdown and with the surge in COVID-19 cases, it is difficult to get access to medical care easily. However, if you feel ill, ensure that you consult a doctor immediately to avoid worsening the situation. Also do not hesitate to reach out to us by booking a Tele-consultation with our experts at Apollo Spectra Hospitals and get the best medical advice in the safety of your own home.