Common Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery – Debunked!

February 23, 2016
Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip replacement surgery is performed to replace the diseased parts of the hip with artificial parts. The surgery is performed to increase the patient’s ability to move, improves the function of the hip and relieves pain.

There are some common myths that people believe about hip replacement surgery which are completely false. Some of them are:

1. “A hip replacement won’t feel natural”

There has been a significant amount of advancement in the field of materials and designs for hip replacement. There are currently several choices of material and designs which aim at providing the same feel and movement of the natural hip. The main goal of the surgery is to bring long-term relief and increase the patient’s mobility.

2. “I’m too young to undergo a hip replacement”

A hip replacement surgery is conducted based on its need and not age. It is the best form of surgery to help mobility and is not necessarily conducted only on senior citizens.

3. “I should wait as long as possible before undergoing a hip replacement surgery”

Many patients who require a hip replacement are extremely wary as they believe that they won’t be able to return to their daily lives. The problem is that delaying the surgery can worsen the condition and require some patients to undergo a second replacement surgery.

4. “All hip implants are the same”

There are a variety of designs, materials and surgical procedures available to perform a hip replacement surgery. This is to accommodate different needs and lifestyles that patients live. Your orthopaedic doctor would advise you as to which type of surgery is required.

5. “After the surgery, one leg will be longer or shorter than the other”

Although extremely rare, this is only possible if there was an error during the surgical procedure. The leg length is confirmed before the surgery to ensure no changes occur, so long as the surgeon is trust worthy and qualified, you shouldn’t face any such problem.

6. “The recovery period for the surgery is long”

After a patient has undergone hip replacement surgery, they are only required to stay for a week in the hospital for observation, though the time period is different for each patient. A full recovery requires an approximate of six months. During recovery, physical therapy is required to help the patient adjust and get used to the replacement.

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If you have any misgivings or questions about your hip replacement surgery, you should consult your Orthopaedic doctor immediately. They would have all the answers and assurance you seek.