Fitness Tips to be considered if you are new to workout

February 27, 2017
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Fitness Tips to be considered if you are new to the workout


To stay healthy, it is necessary to be fit. Physical fitness is a general well-being and ability to perform daily activities. Exercising can be your first step to achieving a new and improved body. Initiating your fitness journey along with an educational touch can lead you towards a healthy life.

To be successful in your fitness targets, it is always advisable to kick start your fitness journey on the right track. In such cases, the tips described below can be certainly helpful. These fitness tips are specifically important for beginners like you to guide in a proper way.

Fitness tips for beginners

Make a plan

This is of utmost significance. Always make a plan before starting the workout. Dedicate your time to the workout and make it a priority to follow. Once you are used to your daily working out the schedule, it becomes easy to follow.

Taking the first step

A plan and proper schedule must be followed before starting exercise. Exercising should never start by simply jumping for five days of the week. It is always recommended to follow a gradual step by step follows up for some days to check the response of the body.

Learn the proper way to workout

There are chances of getting injured if a wrong technique is followed while exercising. This can be painful. Hence the instructions given by trainers or fitness instructor must be thoroughly followed as they guide properly and help in improving the fitness techniques.

Refuel yourself
Working out helps to burn the calories and increases the metabolic activity. As a result of having three meals along with some healthy snacks is recommended. Preceding workout having juice, fruits or yoghurts is beneficial as they provide instant energy. However, after a long, thorough workout protein, rich diet is advisable.

Always stay hydrated

After a regular workout drink, plenty of water as most of the water is lost during the exercise. Due to hydration muscle cramps can occur which can increase the risk of heatstroke. A standard way to keep hydration is to have water (2-3 cups) before you start your workout and have a single after every 10- 20 minutes.

Performing some stretching exercise

Doing some stretching exercise is highly beneficial as muscles burn more calories and help to prevent injuries, and build stronger bones. Also by working on certain equipment like weight machines, kettlebells or simply by doing push-ups can improve stretching.

Proper dressing

Proper clothing along with shoes is an essential part of the exercise. Experts say that a good attire up helps to make you comfortable while working out. It is recommended to wear fabric clothes that absorb moisture from the body.

Workouts that you actually enjoy

A daily routine of performing the same workout may be boring. This routine is adopted by your muscles. As a result, you burn fewer calories and build fewer muscles.

In this situation different physical workouts like swimming, indoor cycling and kickboxing can be tried as they can also promote muscle building.

Consulting your doctor

It is better to consult a doctor before you actually start your workout if you are not feeling well. Further, in order to avoid injuries start working gradually for about 10 -15 minutes and then increase your time and intensity slowly