When Everything Fails for Joint Pains, What Should I Do?

February 8, 2016
Knee Pain | Apollo Spectra

“The pain in my hip or knee has steadily progressed. Home remedies and over-the-counter medicines which used to give me relief are just not working. What should I do now?”

There are thousands of people thinking about the solution that will give them back mobility, independence, and most importantly, quality of life. Surgery might offer joint pain patients much-needed relief.

In case of a torn meniscus or ligaments, there are typically loose pieces of cartilage in the knee joint, and taking them out is helpful. Knee Arthroscopy is usually used for these sort of problems and most people are able to walk unassisted within few hours of discharge. For knee pain due to advanced arthritis, joint replacement surgery has become more common in recent years.

Joint Replacement Surgeries

The joint replacement surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospitals says, “Anytime you talk about replacing a joint, people get nervous because they think you are going to take out the whole joint. On the contrary, in most of the cases, the surgery involves only resurfacing of the joint. After removing the damaged bone and cartilage, the new metal and plastic joint surfaces are positioned to restore the knee alignment and function. Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery offers even better results through the accurate placement of the implants resulting in enhanced longevity of the implant and better function.”

The surgeon further recalls cases of successful joint replacement surgeries on people over 80 years of age. Precise diagnosis, developments in technology, superior pain and infection control protocols, DVT Prophylaxis policy, and personalised rehabilitation have made recovery quicker and simpler. These complement the experienced surgeons in helping the ailing get back to the life they are used to, the one they love and deserve.

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