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Anal Abscess

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Best Anal Abscess Treatment & Surgery in C Scheme, Jaipur

Anal Abscess is a condition where the rectal canal or anal canal is filled with white pus or fluid. This can cause extreme pain, rectal discharge, bleeding from the anus, or high fever. Health care providers have studied that the case for an anal abscess is when the abscess does not break up on the surface of the skin.

This is a very painful condition and can be treated with surgery. Most of the anal abscess arises from the infection in the small anal glands. The Perennial abscess is the most common anal abscess found in people. The boil-like structure appearing near the anus is red and very tender to touch.

Anal Abscesses are found in the deep tissue cells that aren’t visible to the naked eye and require a colonoscopy. If not treated at the right time, these can lead anal fissures or fistulas. It is advised to consult with your doctor first and then take necessary actions.

What Causes Anal Abscess?

Researchers have proven the fact that an anal abscess arises when the anal canal becomes full with the white fluid called pus. This pus can cause swelling in the blood cells and tissues around the area. This causes extreme pain and discomfort in the affected area.

Some of the causes of anal abscess are:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Infections caught during intercourse
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anal sex
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Diabetes
  • Blocked glands in the anal canal
  • Use of steroids

How to Treat Anal Abscesses?

The common treatment for Anal abscesses is surgical drainage before the abscesses explode themselves. The process should be performed by an expert with the use of local anaesthesia. Removal of abscesses from the rectum is a painful process, hence all precautions should be taken to avoid any complications.

To start the process, the surgeon will use a colonoscopy to examine the anal canal. If the swelling is located in a deeper region, then an incision will be required to drain the abscess. Following this, the surgeon leaves the abscess open to heal on its own. No stitches are required at this point.

People suffering from diabetes or low immunity will be asked to stay in the hospital for a short period until they recover completely. After the discharge from the hospital, the patients are advised to have warm baths to soothe the pain from the surgery. Antibiotics and other medications will be given by the doctor.

Also, patients are advised to take complete rest from the office or school for a while to avoid any complications.

What are the Risks Involved in Anal Abscess?

Although the surgery to treat anal abscess is safe and effective, it includes the following risks:

  • Infection
  • Anal fissure
  • An abscess returning
  • Scarring
  • Fistula
  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Bleeding from rectum
  • Weakness or fatigue

Who is the Right Candidate for Anal Abscess?

To check if one qualifies for the surgery in Jaipur, doctors will see if they are experiencing any of the below:

  • Extreme pain when sitting down
  • Discharge of fluid from the rectum
  • Trouble in passing stool
  • Uncontrollable bowel movements
  • Irritation in the anus, swelling, redness, or tenderness


Anal Abscess is a swelling of tissues in the anal canal with pus. The common treatment of these is drainage of pus through surgery or removing the anal abscess entirely. Under no condition, it should be treated at home. Home remedies might worsen the situation and lead to complications.

It is better to have it checked with a specialist from Apollo Spectra, Jaipur and have him give you medications and counselling. To be able to clearly visualize the issue and treat it medically, is what is required in severe cases.

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How long does it take for a perianal abscess to heal?

It will probably take about 2 to 3 weeks for your abscess to completely recover. While there are rare cases of infection, most people get better without any problems.

What are the common symptoms of an anal abscess?

People suffering from anal abscesses will experience extreme pain while sitting down, constipation, or discharge of pus from the anal canal.

What is the survival rate of undergoing surgery for anal abscesses?

Doctors at Apollo Spectra, Jaipur recommend surgery for anal abscesses as a last resort due to its position. Even though it's the last solution, it's still safe and effective.


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