If you suffer from these symptoms in your 30s, you must visit your doctor today

September 19, 2016

We all fall ill. There are times when we catch a cold or are not able to adapt to certain changes and get sick. However, there may be times when certain signs or symptoms could mean life-threatening diseases for you. There are certain symptoms that you should never ignore or treat with ease even though they might turn out to be nothing serious. But you can never be completely sure until you have had a complete medical check-up done by a physician, especially if it you’re in your 30s and are facing certain symptoms. Some of the symptoms include:

  1. Chest pain– Extreme discomfort that might be characterized by a squeezing sensation, pressure or tightness in your chest region can spell major trouble for your heart; especially if the pain is accompanied by sweating, nausea, vomiting or difficulties in breathing. This is because severe chest pain can signal a heart attack. It might also be caused by gastrointestinal disorders like acid reflux.
  2. An intense headache that happens suddenly– There can a number of underlying reasons for sudden headaches you experience, which tend to become intense. They may be caused by a sudden burst in the blood vessel of your brain. Other reasons might include meningitis or even the presence of a tumor in your brain.
  3. Unusual bleeding– Abnormal or bleeding without any particular reason can be signs of cancer, particularly if you are coughing up blood, which is a strong indication of lung cancer. Blood in your stools can be due to colon or rectal cancer. Other reasons may include bronchitis or tuberculosis. You may also be coughing up blood due to the development of hemorrhoids or due to certain infections in your body.
  4. Difficulty in breathing– Generally, any difficulty in breathing is associated with asthma, but there might be other causes as well. If you’re breathing heavily without any reason, it can also mean a clot has developed in your lungs or can be an indicator of other lung diseases. It could also be a sign of certain abnormalities in your heart. Other causes may include bronchitis, pneumonia or hypertension.
  5. Severe or sudden abdominal pain– Pain in your abdominal region, especially around your belly button should be taken seriously. This can be caused due to gastrointestinal disorders or appendicitis. Other causes might include the formation of gallbladder stones or stones in your kidneys.
  6. High recurrent fevers- High fevers with temperatures above 103⁰ F should receive immediate medical assistance if you’re suffering from them. Persistent fevers with temperatures around 100⁰ F could be due to a number of reasons like a urinary tract infection or inflammation in the lining of your heart or pneumonia.
  7. The unexpected loss of weight- If you are losing weight at a rapid pace like around 5 kilos a week, you need immediate medical attention. This might happen to you because of cancer since different forms of cancer are characterized by unsought severe weight loss. Other reasons might include diabetes, tuberculosis or endocrine disorders.
  8. Sudden pain in the joints or legsFeeling a sharp pain in your joints or an inflammation in your legs could be due to certain types of microbial infection or due to various kinds of joint-related diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Other causes might include osteoporosis or a nutrient deficiency in your body.

These are the common symptoms, which should never be ignored especially once you reach your 30s. If you tend to feel such symptoms on a daily basis, it is always important to seek an advice of an expert or consult the doctor immediately.