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Excision of Tumors

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Excision of Tumors Treatment & Diagnostics in Chirag Enclave, Delhi

Excision of Tumors

Excision of tumors is a surgical procedure addressing bone tumors, generally in mass and lump. It appears when cells divide and grow in an uncontrolled and irregular manner. If a tumor forms in a bone, it can start taking the form of bone, it can begin to take the form of healthy tissue. This, in turn, weakens the structure of the bone. So, it is more susceptible to fracture. 
Usually, bone tumors are benign and not life-threatening or cancerous. However, in some instances, a cancerous or malignant tumor arises and the cells spread to other parts of the body through lymphatic or blood systems. The best course of treatment for malignant or benign tumors is tumor excision treatment in Chirag Enclave.

About Excision of Tumors

A bone tumor might cause significant discomfort and limit the use of the joint or limb affected. In some instances, a malignant bone tumor might be fatal, primarily if cancer spreads to other regions of the body. In case you feel that you have a bone tumor, you might need tumor treatment. Thus, you might need to consult a tumor excision specialist in Delhi.
Some tumors can be resected easily, but others are found in a hard-to-reach location. In such cases, the surgeon might have to remove the whole organ surrounding structures for tumor resection. Usually, the tumor excision doctors in Chirag Enclave remove the tumor with the surrounding amount of healthy tissue to ensure better success.

Who Qualifies for Excision of Tumors?

If anyone has a mass or lump of tissue in the body that is not normal, they should get tumor excision surgery to remove the tumor.

Why Are Tumors Excised?

Excision of tumor removes the tumor and its nearby tissue during an operation. A doctor in the tumor excision hospital in Chirag Enclave uses it to treat benign or malignant tumors. 
The reasons to have an excision of tumor are,

  • To remove some or the entire tumor.
  • For diagnosing cancer.
  • To find out if the tumor has spread is affecting the function of various other body organs. 
  • To restore the function or appearance of the body. 

If an inpatient surgery is performed, you might have to stay in the hospital overnight or longer. However, in outpatient surgery, you don’t have to stay overnight following the surgery.

Benefits of Tumor Excision

In case the tumor is found to be benign, your tumor excision specialist in Chirag Enclave might recommend that it be observed without active treatment. At times, especially in kids, such tumors tend to disappear all by themselves.

In case it is detected to be cancerous, active treatment of the tumor is crucial. At times, a benign tumor might become malignant and begin spreading. During such times, your doctor might suggest an excision.
Here are the benefits of excision of the tumor

  • Excision of a tumor is also recommended for reducing the risk of breaking a weakened bone. 
  • The removal of an enormous tumor relieves the mass effect. This will instantly reduce the symptoms you have been experiencing. 
  • It can remove all cancer cells present in a small area
  • The surgery will allow the surgeon to look at the cancerous tissue. 

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What are the Risks and Complications of Tumor Excision?

The side effects that you will experience after the surgery depend on the type of surgery. However, the excision of a tumor generally carries the following risks.

  • Pain is a common side effect of the procedure. 
  • At times, the site of the surgery can get infected. 
  • Like all other operations, this too carries the risk of bleeding. 
  • As you recover from the excision of the tumor, you are at risk of developing a blood clot. 




How long does it take to recover from a tumor removal surgery?

Even though the pain can be managed, the surgery can be emotionally and physically stressful. Your doctor will talk to you about the recovery. It will take you a few days or weeks to recover in a less complex situation. However, if it is major surgery, it will take you a few months to recover.

Are benign bone tumors painful?

Benign tumors are usually painless. However, often they lead to bone pain. This pain can be quite severe.

Can bone tumors be removed?

Usually, the tumor is removed through surgery. At times, radiation therapy is used along with surgery.


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