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Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) treatment in Chirag Enclave, Delhi

Urinary tract infection usually referred to as UTI, is more common in women than males. The condition can affect any part of the urinary system, including your kidneys, ureters (narrow tubes leading to the bladder), urinary bladder, and urethra. The infection can be painful with associated symptoms. You can try to prevent such diseases by visiting an experienced specialist in urology in New Delhi.

What are the types of UTI?

Urinary tract infections can be of various types. The doctor of urology in New Delhi will diagnose and explain the condition to you while advising you of the dos and don’ts. The most typical kinds of UTI found in women include:-

  • Acute Pyelonephritis- An infection affecting the kidneys
  • Cystitis- Affects the urinary bladder
  • Urethritis- Affects the urethra (end part of the urinary bladder)

What are the symptoms of UTI?

UTI is a term encompassing several infections occurring in the urinary tract. Hence, the symptoms vary depending on the area of the condition. The urologist near you will have to make the diagnosis based on indications. You may experience any of the following symptoms when troubled with UTI:-

  • Constant urge to urinate
  • Burning sensation while passing urine
  • Small quantities of urine are passed
  • The urine appears to be cloudy
  • The color of urine is dark brown, pink, or red
  • The urine has a strong smell
  • You may experience pain in the pelvic region

What causes UTIs?

Infections in the urinary tract occur when bacteria enter the system via the urethra and move up to the urinary bladder. The bacteria begin to multiply rapidly within the bladder and may affect the kidneys when they pass into the organ from the bladder too. The body has its defense mechanism to combat this problem, but sometimes it may not be enough. urology doctors in Chirag Enclave will keep you informed about the type of infection you have developed. Women, in general, are more prone to develop the following:-

  • Cystitis – The infection occurs when Escherichia coli (E-Coli) bacteria enter your urinary bladder. It is usually found in the gastrointestinal system. You have an increased risk of developing it if you are sexually active. The primary cause of this infection is the short distance from the urethral opening to the external body.
  • Urethritis- The spread of bacteria from the anus and vagina to the urethra is responsible for this type of infection. Many sexually transmitted diseases may result in infection of the urethra too.

When do you need to visit a doctor?

Ensure to visit a doctor of urology in New Delhi as soon as you notice any symptoms.

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What are the risk factors for developing UTI?

  • Anatomy-A short urethra compared to that in males
  • Sexual Activity- UTI is more common in sexually active females. You have more risk of developing it when you cohabit with a new sexual partner
  • Birth Control Devices- Using diaphragms or spermicidal agents for birth control
  • Menopause- The changes that occur in your urinary tract after menopause may put you at risk

How is UTI treated?

The urology specialist in New Delhi will prescribe antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria from the urinary tract. You will thus be treated with:-

  • Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, Fosfomycin, Cephalexin, Nitrofurantoin or Ceftriaxone for uncomplicated infections
  • You may be given low-dose antibiotics for six months if you develop UTIs quite frequently. Vaginal estrogen therapy will be advised if you are past menopause.
  • Doctors may advise hospitalization and treatment with intravenous antibiotics.


Do not ignore the signs & symptoms of UTI. Make sure to obtain medical treatment at the earliest and eliminate the root cause for good. You may also take steps to prevent recurrence by consulting an experienced urologist.

What can I do to prevent UTI?

Visit a specialist of Urology in New Delhi and get timely advice about how to prevent UTI. You will be asked to drink plenty of water and pass urine regularly to limit invasion by bacteria in the urinary tract.

Can I have UTI more than once?

Yes! That is a distinct possibility as statistics reveal that almost 20% to 30% of women have UTIs for the second time. The exact number of women may be infected for a third time too.

Can I develop UTI during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can develop UTI as the growing fetus tends to block the passage of urine, creating a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.


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