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Rehabilitation Treatment & Diagnostics in Chirag Enclave, Delhi


Overview of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation refers to a tailor-made plan to restore an individual’s physical form and functions to their maximum ability. With rehabilitation therapy in the best rehabilitation center in Delhi, you can regain your confidence and ability to perform daily activities.

What should you know about rehabilitation?

Musculoskeletal injuries or aging can severely affect your capacity to perform routine functions or sports activities. Chronic diseases, traumas, or medical disorders have the potential to limit an individual’s ability to perform daily activities. Rehabilitation can help avoid surgeries and also helps faster return to normal activities after surgery. Restoration of functional capabilities is the goal of the best rehabilitation therapy in Delhi. The program may involve physicians, orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, trainers, and psychiatrists. 

Who qualifies for rehabilitation?

Any individual who needs to restore normal abilities following a trauma, injury, surgery, or illness can consider rehabilitation. 

  • Sports enthusiasts - A rehabilitation program can help them recover from injuries and achieve original performance levels.
  • Kids - Children with physical disabilities or restrictions can learn bodily functions and improve their ability to perform routine tasks with a suitable rehabilitation program.
  • Senior citizens - Age-related disorders, stroke, and other injuries can severely restrict their abilities. You can trust the best rehabilitation center in Chirag Enclave to restore these and improve the quality of their lives.

Why is rehabilitation performed?

Irrespective of the underlying condition or cause of disability, the following are the principal goals of rehabilitation therapy:

  • Reduction of pain and swelling - Massage therapy can improve the ability to perform tasks without feeling pain. It can also control or reduce swelling.
  • To improve the flexibility of joints - Improvement in the joint’s Range of Motion (ROM) is necessary following a surgery or injury. Rehabilitation deals with issues like muscle spasms, pain, and swelling to improve the flexibility of joints.
  • Restore strength and stamina - Specific exercise and weight training can enhance endurance and strength.
  • Improvement of coordination - Restoring proper coordination between muscles and joints.

What are different types of rehabilitation?

Following are the three essential approaches of rehabilitation therapy:

  • Physical rehabilitation - Physiotherapy treatment in Chirag Enclave restores strength, stability, endurance, and activity.
  • Speech rehabilitation - The treatment involves restoration of the ability to speak and interact with others effectively. It can also deal with the individual’s ability to swallow. 
  • Occupational therapy - In this treatment, the rehabilitation therapist helps the patient regain the ability to carry out routine tasks. The day-to-day activities may involve relearning the skills to perform job functions for leading a productive life. 

Benefits of rehabilitation

With rehabilitation, you can hope to return to your highest level of performance after any event such as injury, surgery, and trauma. Rehabilitation therapy assists you to relearn the skills and achieve normal functional abilities. 
Rehabilitation improves a broad range of capabilities, including physical and mental, to help you return to your daily life after a debilitating event. If you have difficulty performing daily activities following surgery or trauma or a medical condition, then speak to a doctor at the hospital to know how rehabilitation can help you.

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What are the risks and complications of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation therapy is usually free from significant risks and complications. Sometimes there may be some complications because of improper treatment or failure to follow instructions.

  • No improvement in the condition
  • Slow or no improvement in mobility and flexibility
  • Bone fractures because of a fall during therapy
  • Deterioration of the existing condition

Following all instructions from your rehabilitation therapists will help you avoid most of these risks and complications. Visit the best rehabilitation in Chirag Enclave for a positive outcome.

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What is in-patient rehabilitation?

In-patient rehabilitation is in a hospital set up before releasing the patient. Teams of surgeons, orthopedics, nutritionists, and rehabilitation therapists coordinate to make sure that the patient can safely go back home. In-patient rehabilitation is necessary after stroke, spinal cord surgery, amputation, and orthopedic surgery.

What are the different treatment plans for rehabilitation?

Every treatment program of rehabilitation is unique because the individual needs may vary. The treatment can involve:

  • Use of devices to improve movement
  • Physiotherapy for strength, fitness, and flexibility
  • Psychological counseling
  • Nutritional support
  • Improving cognitive abilities
  • Speech therapy
  • Job training

What conditions are treatable with sports rehabilitation?

Sports rehabilitation helps individuals recover from sports injuries or from surgeries to regain their original form and performance levels by assessing risk factors. Sports rehabilitation is suitable for the following conditions:

  • Injuries of spine, ankle, knee, hand, elbow because of overuse
  • Traumatic events like ligament ruptures, dislocations, and bone fractures
  • Sports specific conditions, including tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow


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