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Physiotherapy Treatment & Diagnostics in Chirag Enclave, Delhi


Physiotherapy is a healthcare service that aims to improve mobility and relieve pain to enhance the quality of a patient’s life. A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional that helps you return to your previous level of functioning with exercises and other treatments. 

What should you know about physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a conservative treatment that can help patients avoid surgery. It also helps a patient recover faster following orthopedic surgery. A physiotherapist prepares a suitable care plan by evaluating your condition. The procedure may involve physical treatment to reduce the symptoms. It comprises exercises necessary to improve your movements. You can seek physiotherapy treatment in Delhi.

Who qualifies for the procedure?

  • Physiotherapy may be necessary if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Musculoskeletal disorders - conditions of joints, back pain 
  • Neurological disorders - Injuries to the spinal cord, brain injuries, stroke, etc
  • Sports injuries - injuries to ligaments, tendons, joints, tennis elbow
  • Women’s medical conditions- Dysfunction of the pelvic floor, loss of control of urination, etc
  • Medical conditions of hands - Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Disorders of heart and lung - Cystic fibrosis, COPD and recovery from myocardial infarction 

Visit a specialist for physiotherapy treatment in Chirag Enclave for proper care. 

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Why is physiotherapy conducted?

Physiotherapy treatment involves a tailor-made plan to restore an individual’s ability to function properly with a better quality of life. Following are the goals of physiotherapy:

  • To avoid surgery
  • To enhance mobility
  • To minimize or eliminate pain and discomfort
  • To help you recover from a sports injury
  • To help you recover from a brain stroke
  • To help you manage problems of aging
  • To take care of women’s health issues
  • To hasten recovery from orthopedic and other surgeries

What are the different types of physiotherapy?

The selection of a particular type of physiotherapy depends upon the goals of treatment. Some of the prominent types of physiotherapy are:

  • Flexibility enhancement with stretching exercises
  • Restoration of functionality with range-of-motion exercises
  • Joint mobilization with massage therapy
  • Use of ultrasound or electric stimulation for pain relief
  • Speeding up recovery with the application of heat or cold
  • Every treatment plan is unique to individual patients because the treatment goals and individual’s health parameters may vary. 

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

There are multiple benefits of physiotherapy according to the reasons for the treatment. We can list these as:

  • Effective management of pain
  • Recovery from a traumatic event or surgery
  • Prevention of fall 
  • Improvement of performance in sportspersons
  • Improvement of breathing in lung diseases

A physiotherapist evaluates the medical condition and health parameters of a patient to design a custom plan. The duration of the program and the exercises depend upon individual patients and their medical issues. Visit an expert physiotherapist for physiotherapy treatment in Delhi to explore your options.

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Chirag Enclave, Delhi.

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What are the complications of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a safe treatment. However, you may experience the following complications depending on several factors:

  • Absence of any improvement in the condition
  • Failure to achieve mobility and flexibility
  • Fractures 
  • A rise in blood pressure during physiotherapy 
  • Deterioration of the existing condition

You need to follow all instructions of your physiotherapist to avoid risks and complications. Report any abnormal development during physiotherapy treatment in Delhi to your doctor.

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What is the typical duration of physiotherapy treatment?

It is difficult to generalize the treatment period of physiotherapy because of multiple variables. One should have patience and a desire to recover because the results of physiotherapy are slow. The recovery may take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Your involvement and consistency are necessary for a faster recovery.

What is the role of a physiotherapist?

Apart from chalking out an appropriate program by assessing your condition, a physiotherapist will examine your health by the following tests:

  • Your ability to move, clutch, bend, reach and stretch
  • Rate of heartbeat
  • Ability to climb stairs or walk
  • Balancing ability
  • Posture
A physiotherapist will keep a close watch on the progress to make sure that everything is going fine.

Can I consult a therapist for physiotherapy treatment in Delhi?

Your doctor assesses your need for physiotherapy and refers you to a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists work in coordination with doctors. Reputed hospitals offer in-house physiotherapy treatment in Chirag Enclave for the convenience of patients.


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