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Screening and Physical Exam

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Screening and Physical Exam Treatment & Diagnostics in Chirag Enclave, Delhi

Screening and Physical Exam

Screening and physical exams are an essential aspect of healthcare. General medicine doctors in Delhi conduct a physical exam to check your health status. They may order lab tests to find out the presence of particular diseases or conditions.

What should you know about screening and physical exams?

Screening and physical exams are a regular feature at every healthcare facility or clinic. Doctors or medical staff perform a physical exam that includes the following steps:

  • Inspection - Visual assessment  
  • Palpation - Examining body parts by touching
  • Auscultation - Listening to sounds with a stethoscope 
  • Percussion - Tapping with hand, fingers or instruments 

A physical exam helps doctors get a general idea about the possible health issue. Screening tests help doctors get precise information about the disease or disorder to plan an appropriate line of treatment. Routine physicals and annual checkups by qualified general medicine doctors in Chirag Place can help you stay in good health.

Who qualifies for a screening and physical exam?

Every individual who needs treatment for an ailment or injury qualifies for a physical examination and screening. It helps doctors arrive at the correct diagnosis of the disease or disorder. Besides, physical exams and screenings are a must in the following situations:

  • Patients with chronic disorders - Diabetics, asthmatics, thyroid patients need regular checkups. 
  • Pregnant women - Routine screening and physical exams are vital during the entire course of pregnancy. 
  • High-risk individuals - Periodic checkup enables timely action and prevents future health problems.
  • Follow-up of medical procedures - routine physical exam and screening is crucial after surgery. 
  • Growing children - Routine checkup is necessary to assess the growth in babies.

Visit any of the reputed general medicine hospitals in Delhi for a dependable screening and physical exam.

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Why are screening and physical exams performed? 

Physical examination and screening form the foundation of any treatment. A physical exam is essential to gain valuable information about an individual’s health parameters. A proper physical exam can help a doctor get almost 20 percent of the information that may be necessary to arrive at a diagnosis.

A physical examination can also help doctors detect a disease or disorder before it worsens. Timely screening improves the outlook in life-threatening illnesses and conditions such as malignancies and nutritional deficiencies. Routine physical checkups by expert general medicine doctors in Chirag Place are of primary importance for treating chronic medical conditions.

What are the benefits?

Patients can expect to get proper treatments for their health concerns by undergoing thorough checkups and screenings. Discuss your symptoms and other health issues with a doctor during a physical exam. A routine physical exam for an individual over the age of 50 is essential for the determination of general health status.

Regular screening at reputable general medicine hospitals in Delhi is necessary to know blood sugar levels, cholesterol, hemoglobin, body weight, and blood pressure. Understanding these parameters helps physicians to recommend timely corrective actions. Physical exam and lab tests are crucial before any surgery or initiation of any treatment.

What are the risks?

Wrong assessment of physical parameters or faulty screening can lead to inappropriate treatment unless you select a reliable healthcare resource for physical tests and screening. Following are some risks of screening procedures:

  • Exposure to radiation during X-ray investigation
  • Bleeding or nerve damage during endoscopy
  • Using non-sterilized needles or devices can cause infections

You can prevent most risks by choosing any of the established general medicine hospitals in Chirag Place. Consult a doctor for routine screening and physical tests.

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What are routine laboratory and diagnostic tests for screening?

Routine laboratory tests require samples such as blood, tissues, urine, saliva, sputum, stools and other discharge materials for investigation. General medicine doctors in Delhi routinely perform ECG tests to measure cardiac functions. CT scanning, X-ray tests, MRI scanning, endoscopy and ultrasounds are necessary screening tests for an in-depth investigation of diseases and disorders.

What is the significance of physical examination if screening tests can detect abnormalities?

Physical examination is an essential aspect of healthcare. It establishes trust between a patient and the doctor. A physical exam can be the only way to determine your physical problem in most situations. In any physical test, your doctor is touching less and examining more. Sometimes, a doctor can avoid further screening if the physical exam suffices the purpose.

What factors are significant for diagnosis?

Physical exam, screening and information about symptoms are the three vital aspects that help general medicine doctors in Chirag Place to arrive at a final diagnosis. Your doctor expects you to share all symptoms during a physical exam. If possible, list down all signs and symptoms before going for a physical exam.


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