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Medical Imaging and Surgery in Chirag Enclave, Delhi

Imaging refers to a broad range of procedures that aid in diagnosis and screening by producing images of internal structures and organs of the body.

What should you know about imaging?

Medical imaging comprises procedures and techniques for creating images of different internal parts of the body. Some of these techniques are X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, and computer tomography (CT scanning). The imaging procedure is of great importance in healthcare. Gynecologists, surgeons, orthopedics, pediatricians, dentists, and general medicine doctors in Delhi use imaging to diagnose and decide treatment approaches.

Who qualifies for the imaging procedure?

Patients need different imaging procedures according to the medical condition, specific area of the body, and the aim of the test. Following are some conditions that may require the use of imaging techniques for diagnosis:

  • Bone fractures
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infections
  • Foreign body ingestion
  • Digestive tract diseases
  • Trauma
  • Vascular and heart diseases
  • Tendon or joint injuries
  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Tumors and lumps in breasts 
  • Gallbladder disorders
  • Cancer

Consult a physician at any of the reputed general medicine hospitals in Chirag Enclave if you think you may require an imaging procedure.

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Why is the procedure of imaging conducted?

The primary aim of any imaging procedure is to view the internal structures of the body. Imaging helps in screening patients to determine the risk potential of various diseases and medical conditions. General medicine doctors in Chirag Enclave use different imaging techniques to diagnose existing diseases and then create a suitable plan to treat the ailment or injury.
 Imaging techniques such as ultrasound help gynecologists to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. Endoscopy can help doctors perform various procedures without making large incisions. Angiography helps cardiologists to study the cardiac blood flow and take corrective measures to prevent fatal complications. 

What are the different medical imaging techniques?

Following imaging procedures are available in established facilities of general medicine in Delhi:

  • X-ray radiology- It is a fast and painless imaging technique to examine bone structures.
  • Ultrasound- Ultrasound creates images of internal organs of the body by producing high-frequency sound waves.
  • MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging technique uses magnetic fields to create high-definition images of tissues and organs.
  • CT Scanning- Computer Tomography imaging produces cross-sections of the internal organs. It is also suitable to study blood vessels, soft tissues, and bones.

What are the benefits of imaging procedures?

Medical imaging procedures offer a fast and convenient approach to visualize internal organs for screening and diagnosing patients. These procedures can be lifesaving in emergencies when doctors must make quick decisions. The latest imaging techniques can produce high-definition images that help physicians to arrive at the correct diagnosis. 
Hybrid imaging is one more advantage of imaging procedures. By combining MRI with CT scanning or ultrasound with CT or MRI, doctors of general medicine in Chirag Enclave can explore the following benefits:

  • Higher accuracy of diagnosis
  • Better customization of healthcare
  • Correct monitoring of procedures

What are the risks or complications of imaging procedures? 

Defective testing equipment can yield false test results and an incorrect line of treatment. Choosing reliable imaging facilities at reputable general medicine hospitals in Delhi can help avoid errors in test reports. Following are some risks of imaging procedures:

  • Incorrect interpretation of images
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Risk of nerve and tissue damage during endoscopy
  • Side effects of anesthesia 
  • Being allergic to the dye or latex used during some imaging procedures
  • Consult expert general medicine doctors in Chirag Enclave to know how an imaging procedure can benefit you.

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What are CT scanners?

CT scanners combine X-ray and computer technologies to create detailed pictures of tissues, blood vessels, and organs. CT scanning produces cross-sectional images, unlike X-rays. It helps General medicine doctors in Delhi detect abnormalities that may be present deeper inside the organs. The CT imaging technique is ideal for producing images of almost all parts of the body, like the brain.

What are some shortcomings of MRI scans?

Although MRI scans are safe even for kids because of no radiations, these can make you feel uncomfortable. Individuals who have a fear of tight spaces may not sustain the MRI scanning. MRI scanning may not be suitable for you if you have implants.

What is mammography?

Mammography is the most appropriate procedure to study the inside structure of breasts. It can detect abnormal growth inside the breast to help doctors take corrective measures before any complications. Mammography uses X-ray technology and can detect cancer at a very early stage.


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