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Management of Open Fractures

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Management of Open Fractures Treatment & Diagnostics in Chirag Enclave, Delhi

Management of Open Fractures

What is an open fracture?

In an open fracture, extensive damage to the skin and tissues is present along with the bone fracture.

What should you know about the management of open fractures?

Open fractures usually involve bone fractures and open wounds caused by bone fragments. An orthopedic doctor in Chirag Enclave may also refer to it as a compound fracture. 
The management of open fracture differs from that of a closed fracture with no open injury. There is a possibility of wound contamination because of dirt and other foreign particles entering the bloodstream.
Open fracture treatment aims at preventing a wound infection at the site of injury. Cleaning of the wound may require surgery under anesthesia. The surgeon also stabilizes the bone for faster wound healing.

Who qualifies for the management of open fracture?

Anyone with an open bone injury qualifies for immediate surgical treatment to reduce the chance of any infection. These fractures are common in road accidents, fall from heights, competitive sports, and gunshot injuries. The patient must receive immediate treatment for arresting the blood loss and cleaning of the wound.
Management of open fractures is crucial for any bone injury, irrespective of the severity. This approach is vital because any open wound can cause infection. Wound infections delay the healing and can also result in serious complications.
Visit any established hospital to consult the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi for treatment of the open fracture.

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Why is open fracture management necessary?

Management of open fractures aims at preventing infection at the site of bone injury. It is necessary to reduce complications such as bone infections. Open fractures can involve extensive damage to various parts as follows:

  • Bone
  • Skin
  • Nerves
  • Tendons
  • Arteries
  • Veins 
  • Ligaments

There is a high possibility of wound contamination because of dust and other small objects. Open fractures need immediate surgery at any reputable orthopedic hospital in Chirag Enclave to remove the contaminants. Failure to clean the site of the open fracture may cause severe bacterial infections. Management of open fracture is also necessary to stabilize the bone and enable proper healing.

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What are the benefits of open fracture management?

Early management of open fractures can successfully prevent infections and serious complications and help faster return to normal activities. The following benefits are worth considering:

  • Stabilization of fracture- The orthopedic specialist in Chirag Enclave will use sterile dressing and splints to prevent movement of bone
  • Surgery to clean the wound – Urgent surgical procedure helps in promoting healing and preventing infections.
  • Medication- Immediate use of antibiotics provides a bacteria-free environment for faster healing.
  • Orthopedic implants – The process of internal fixation involves using implants to fix the position of the bone. Maintaining the same position ensures faster healing of the fracture. Your doctor may use external fixation before the use of orthopedic implants. It allows the bones to get ready for permanent implants. 

What are the potential complications of open fractures?

Infection is the most significant risk in the management of any open fracture. Improper cleaning of the fracture wound can cause soft tissue infection and bone infection. Infection of the bone may require more surgeries.
In compartment syndrome, there is an internal buildup of pressure because of swelling. The condition requires an urgent surgical procedure.
Repeat surgeries may be necessary if the bone fracture does not. It can happen if there is no proper blood supply to the area. Nonunion is also one complication of open fracture management. A reputed orthopedic doctor in Delhi may recommend bone grafting or a repeat surgery for implants.

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What tests are necessary during the management of open fracture?

X-ray investigation is a standard test at any of the best orthopedic hospitals in Chirag Enclave. X-ray is necessary to know the position and extent of the fracture. It can also help locate bone fragments because of the impact. Sometimes, advanced imaging tests such as CT scans are necessary.

When can one return to regular activity after the treatment for an open fracture?

The recovery period depends on the extent of the fracture and the open injury. Fractures of legs may take longer to heal. You will also experience pain and stiffness for a couple of months.

Is physiotherapy necessary after the treatment of open fracture?

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in a faster return to normal activities after the management of open fracture. It helps restore muscle strength and flexibility. Discuss the options for rehabilitation exercises with an expert orthopedic doctor in Delhi.


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