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Microdiscectomy Surgery in Chirag Enclave, Delhi

Microdochectomy, also called total duct excision, is a procedure during which one or all milk ducts from a breast are removed. Microdochectomy is an exploratory procedure done to identify or exclude the presence of a tumor. Microdochectomy is performed for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It is usually done in cases where you may have nipple discharge which may be discolored or in severe cases, where blood may also be present. It is performed either under local or general anesthesia.

What does microdochectomy entail?

Lactiferous ducts are the ducts that carry the milk produced in the lobules of the breast to the areola and nipple. In case there is nipple discharge, microdochectomy may be indicated.  Microdochectomy refers to the removal of a breast duct. Microdochectomy is an outpatient procedure. Local or general anesthesia may be used.

Prior to surgery, several imaging tests may be conducted to identify the affected duct and its relation to other ducts within the breast. These tests include galactography (a procedure that identifies the affected duct by investigating the ductal system of the breast), breast ultrasound, and mammography. Once identified, the problematic duct will be removed from beneath the nipple.

The specimen collected may be sent for biopsy to identify the cause of the discharge. If only a single duct is involved, microdochectomy will resolve the issue of nipple discharge. However, if multiple ducts are involved, central duct excision of subareolar resection may be specified.

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Who is qualified to perform a microdochectomy?

A breast surgeon is qualified to perform a microdochectomy. Other than your breast surgeon, an anesthetist and a breast specialist doctor may also assist your breast surgeon.

Why is microdochectomy conducted?

Microdochectomy is indicated for patients experiencing nipple discharge. It is used to detect or exclude the presence of a suspected tumor. Microdochectomy is both a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure conducted to treat or identify the cause of discharge.

What are the benefits of microdochectomy ?

Microdochectomy has several benefits as mentioned below:

  • It preserves your ability to breastfeed in the future
  • Microdochectomy is ideal for breastfeeding women or women who plan to breastfeed in the future
  • It helps in reducing your risk of further infections in case of recurrent breast abscesses
  • It can be used for diagnostic purposes to identify the cause of your nipple discharge

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What are the risks?

Certain risks are there, as listed below:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Pain to some extent post surgery
  • Loss of nipple sensation which may occur due to accidental incision or stretching of the nerves supplying the nipple
  • Nipple skin changes due to the death of tissues around your nipple
  • Inability to breastfeed in the future, if all your ducts are removed
  • Specific risks like depression at the area of the excised lump

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What are the risks involved in not going through with the procedure?

If you do not choose to go through with this procedure, your doctor may not be able to identify the cause of your nipple discharge. This may delay the appropriate treatment required.

How long does a microdochectomy surgery take?

A microdochectomy surgery takes approximately 30- 40 minutes. Local or general anesthesia may be used for this procedure.

What is the home care post microdochectomy?

Post microdochectomy, avoid driving for 24 hours, cover the wound while bathing, avoid heavy lifting and stretching, wear a bra for support and take 2-5 days off from work. You can resume normal activities after a few days when you feel better.

What are the symptoms of concern post microdochectomy?

Post your surgery, if you experience any symptoms like redness, swelling or discharge from the wound, feeling unwell or a temperature above 38°C, you will need to contact your doctor as these signs may indicate an infection.


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