ENT Specialist in Delhi

Otorhinolaryngology or most commonly known as ENT is a surgical subspecialty, which treats ear, nose, throat, and some parts of the head and neck. At Apollo Spectra, you will find the best ENT specialists in Delhi.

What are the most common conditions treated by an ENT specialist at Apollo Spectra?

• Cholesteatoma

It is a non-cancerous skin growth that occurs behind the eardrum, in the mid-structure of the ear. It is an abnormal growth, which advances in the form of a sac or a cyst. This sheds layers of old skin, and these layers of skin come together, hence, increasing in size and damaging the fragile bone of the middle ear. This condition can lead to problems in hearing, balancing, and even the normal facial functions.

The symptoms of this condition are mild at first and then become severe with the increase in the size of the cyst. The most common symptoms are; discomfort in the ear, a sense of pressure inside the ear, and foul smell. Our ENT specialist in Delhi will provide the right diagnosis and the treatment to cure this condition.

• Dizziness

Dizziness is described as feeling unbalanced and lightheaded. Since it affects the eyes and the ears, it can also sometimes lead to fainting. It is not a condition, but usually a symptom of the condition.

• Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing

Although swallowing seems like a simple task, it isn’t. Did you know? Your brain, various nerves, several muscles, two muscular valves, and an open esophagus is required for this simple job. In this condition, the time taken for the food or fluids to travel from your mouth to the stomach is more. Pain can also occur and sometimes it becomes impossible to swallow. The symptoms of this condition include; pain while swallowing, unable to swallow, feeling like food is stuck in your throat or near your breastbone, sounding hoarse, regurgitation, sudden weight loss, and gagging while swallowing.

• Otitis Media

It is a condition where the middle ear gets inflamed because of an infection. It can occur in both the ears simultaneously. This condition is the most common cause of hearing the loss in children. However, it can also affect adults, but it is very rare. The symptoms of this disorder are; feeling like pulling or scratching the ear, problems with hearing, children start crying and getting irritated, fever, vomiting, drainage of the ear, earache, dizziness, and nausea.

• Sleep Apnoea

It is a serious sleep disorder, where your breathing stops and starts repeatedly. If you are someone who snores very loudly or feels exhausted despite sleeping for the required hours, it can be a symptom of sleep apnoea. Other symptoms include; episodes where you may stop breathing during your sleep (this is usually seen by someone sleeping next to you), waking up from your sleep gasping for air, when you wake up you feel that your mouth is very dry, headache in the morning, insomnia, hypersomnia, unable to concentrate, and feeling irritated.

• Tonsillitis

Soft, lymph-like tissues, which are located behind the throat on both the sides are known as the tonsils. They are an important part of the body as they help fight infections that can occur through the mouth and nose, by producing antibodies. So, when the tonsils become infected, it causes tonsillitis. The most common symptoms are; fever, sore throat, the tonsils turn red, yellow or white discharge in the tonsils and tender lymph nodes.

• Anterior Nosebleeds

These nosebleeds start at the front of the nose where it begins to bleed from one nostril, while the individual is either sitting or standing. They usually occur during the dry climates and winters as when the nasal membranes dry out. This dryness can lead to cracks and then bleeding. It is important to not neglect this condition and always visit an ENT specialist in Delhi.

• Snoring

Today, more than 100 million people in the world snore, at least in rare situations. Usually, it is not a dangerous condition, just annoying sometimes. But, sometimes it can be an indication of something serious known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

• Sinus Problems

The sinuses are empty cavities connected to the bones of your head. It is filled with air that vibrates and resonates, which helps your speech. Like saliva is produced naturally, healthy sinuses repeatedly produce and drain the mucus naturally, without you knowing.

Why Apollo Spectra?

ENT Specialists at Apollo Spectra are highly trained specialists, who offer the best ear, nose, and throat treatments in Delhi. Our doctors try to provide comprehensive ENT care, making it easier for the patient. Our experts also specialize in pediatric Otolaryngology surgeries, which is available in very few hospitals in the country. With an innovative approach, our patients always experience the best medical care at Apollo Spectra. If you suspect an otolaryngologic problem, it is time for a consultation with our ENT specialists in Delhi.