Gynaecologist in Delhi

At Apollo Spectra, our main goal is to provide an exceptional healthcare facility for all the medical needs. And, this includes pregnancy and newborn healthcare. Our specialists are the best in the country and provide care in various fields, which involves surgery, general health, paediatrics, etc. Our gynaecologist in Delhi, strive to deliver incredible results with their expertise and a vast knowledge. The Gynaecology department at Apollo Spectra is well-equipped with modern amenities and is the best in the country.

What are the most common gynaecology treatments offered at Apollo Spectra?

The most common gynaecology services at Apollo Spectra are;

  • Cervical Dysplasia TreatmentCervical dysplasia is a condition where the cells start to grow abnormally in the endocervical canal or the lining of the uterus. It can also occur in the opening between the uterus and the vagina. Also known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), it is a precancerous condition, deeply connected to the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. This condition is very common in women who are under the age of 30, however, it can occur at any age.Cervical Dysplasia doesn’t show any symptoms, but, it can be detected during a general pap test. With proper care and treatment, it can be cured. However, for women who don’t receive the needed care, they are at a high risk of developing cervical cancer.
  • Menstrual disordersWhen you start your period, there are always chances of encountering menstrual disorders. These include;
  • Premenstrual syndrome or commonly known as PMS, it usually takes place a week or two before the onset of your monthly cycle. For some women, they experience a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms, while for some, it is a smooth ride. Some of the symptoms of PMS are; bloating, irritability, cramps, acne, depression, fatigue, food craving, soreness in breasts, etc.
  • Heavy periods or menorrhagia is another menstrual disorder where one bleeds more than normal. If you suffer from this condition, your periods may also last longer than the average 5 days. It is generally caused because of the hormonal imbalance, but other causes include; puberty, vaginal infections, inflammation, fibroids, hypothyroidism, and changing your usual diet or exercise routine.
  • Absent periods is also known as amenorrhea. There are two types of amenorrhea, i.e. primary amenorrhea, where the periods don’t start even after turning 16, and secondary amenorrhea where you stop getting your regular periods for more than 6 months.
  • Painful Periods is a severe condition for some women. The pain becomes excruciating and can be an indication of an underlying condition, such as fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, or even endometriosis. This condition is also known as dysmenorrhea. At Apollo Spectra, our best gynaecologists in Delhi, provide the right diagnosis and then treatment, to overcome the condition.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)Commonly known as PCOS, it is a hormonal condition. Women with PCOS start producing excess male hormones, which leads to irregular menstrual cycle, too much facial hair growth, diabetes, infertility, and even heart disease. Today, more than 25 million women in our country struggle with PCOS. However, at Apollo Spectra, we have the best gynaecologists in Delhi, who come up with a treatment plan to control the symptoms and lead a healthy life.
  • Uterine FibroidsAlso known as leiomyomas or myomas, uterine fibroids are a non-cancerous growth in the uterus. It is possible to have single or even multiple fibroids. For some women suffering from multiple fibroids, the uterus can stretch to an extent where it reaches the rib cage. Usually, it shows no symptoms at all. But, the most common symptoms include; heavy bleeding, periods that last longer, pelvic pain, frequent urination, constipation, and difficulty emptying the bladder.
  • Urinary incontinenceIt is a very common condition where there is a leakage of the urine when you laugh, cough, or even sneeze. You may also experience sudden and an uncontrollable urge to go to the toilet. It can be embarrassing and usually occurs in older women.

Can I have a pap smear during my period?
  • You can take the test either at the beginning or at the end of your periods. Otherwise, you must opt for the
    smear after your periods.
  • Is there a possibility of fibroids turning cancerous?Fibroids are mostly non-cancerous. In very rare cases, i.e. 1 in 1000 a cancerous fibroid occurs.
  • How to prevent STDs?There are various methods to prevent STDs. These include; using condoms before sex, avoid sharing
    undergarments or towels, always wash before and after sex, get vaccinated for hepatitis B (it comes in
    three-shot series), and opt for regular check-ups.
  • Can PCOS be cured?As of today, there is no cure for PCOS. However, with a proper routine and medications, you can reduce
    and even eliminate the symptoms. Talk to your doctor today.
  • Why do I get depressed during my period?A – If what you are feeling is not too intense, it is normal because of the hormonal changes. However, it can also be a symptom of PMS. Talk to your doctor to know more.
Why Apollo Spectra?
At Apollo Spectra, we offer a complete spectrum of gynaecological, obstetrics, diagnostic and reproductive medical facilities for women of all walks of life. Our experts are not only the best in the country but are also extremely compassionate and caring. From complicated medical surgeries to minimally invasive techniques, our doctors ace it. Infertility, oncology, and urogynaecology treatments are also available at our facility. Our specialists are always on the lookout for futuristic techniques and procedures, for the betterment of the gynaecology sector.